Thursday, 13 October 2011

Passionate Choices

This is another card from the Tarot of the Dream Enchantress (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) which highlights the difference between European and American publishers.  The publishers of the Wildwood Tarot wouldn't allow even highly appropriate nudity, whereas here we have a Lovers card which could easily be counted as soft porn.

It makes me think about what our choices are based on: do we act based on our head, our heart, or some other part of our anatomy?  For me, if our heart is involved as well as other parts, then it's probably a good choice, no matter what others may think and how they may react.  Because that's another aspect of choice: what will the consequences of our actions be?  Here, a blue-haired angel flies in the air with a red-haired woman, locked in a passionate embrace.  According to most monotheistic religions, this would be reason enough to throw him down from heaven, one of the fallen, excluded from paradise.  Yet these days, more and more, love in its many guises is being accepted, though it is still often a battle, be it familial or social.

Today Big Boy is still ill, but I have found people to take care of him while I go out to work.  It's the sort of choice I sometimes question - should I just stay home with him?  And I'm sure some people may think me a terrible mother that I don't do so.  Still, that is my choice today.

Update: Another choice I'm making is to dial back on video blogs until next year - I have loads of essay deadlines etc coming up, as well as some hectic work commitments, and even a brief family holiday.  I may post the odd video blog, but I shall try to restrain myself as I really should be spending the time on finishing up my Masters.  All the essays have to be in by the 12th of December, so there may be Yule video blogs ;)

I am grateful for the possibility to make choices about what I do as a mother and a person.


  1. Most of my adult life, choices have been made using Queen of Swords type energy - logic, lists, for-the-greater-good options have always been chosen.

    But now I feel that this is to do a disservice to the other energies and am working on expanding into more Wandsy choices. But find it exceptionally hard to make choices that benefit ME.

    You should not feel bad about the choice that you make re Big Boy - some days you will choose to be with him, other days you'll choose to honour other commitments.

    You're right, so many people don't bother taking responsibility for what are essentially THEIR choices and place blame for the choices that they embrace elsewhere.

    Now - choose to get on with your Masters and do yourself proud! (((hug)))

  2. You know that's a lovely card, and I think the truth about making a choice is that one needs to strive for balance. These two in the image seem to be perfectly balanced to me. So we use our logic in our choices but so that they are not cold, calculated, hard edge, we must also temper them with love, feeling and just enough emotion.

    The thing about any choice that we make in life, is that in making that choice something else will have to be relinquished - it's how we balance out that element that counts.

    I've heard you mention Big Boy before, but in truth I did not know who he was, - don't be too hard on yourself, it appears to me that you have made a balanced choice. By going out to work now and again, it helps you bring more quality into yours and his life.

    Helen ^_^

  3. Hugs to our Big Boy, and you. If you don't have a life, you'll just have a shell to offer him. That would be a great disservice, to both of you.

  4. That's SUCH a beautiful card! I never paid attention to this deck, but your posts are making me like it. :]

    My mother went to work when me and my sister were sick, but we never, ever doubted of her love or thought she was a bad mother for that. We were sure she'd come to us if we needed it. That deep trust that requires no words is the base of love - and I sure Big Boy feels this way, even if he tries to make mom stay (we always want mom's attention after all ;]).

    I think that staying with him for a bit and then honoring your other commitments is NOT the sign of being a bad mom - it's a sign of being balanced and of trusting your child.

  5. This is weird. I must've been super tired to not comment on this.

    I can relate to the feeling of not being good enough mother-wise (or worrying about it) but I know that is absolutely unfounded. (hugs!)

    Anyway, totally understandable to cut back on the video blogs. Perhaps you can also take the card literally and have some mind blowing sex? Lol. Sorry.

    HUGS and good day to you,

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your thoughtful and interesting comments.

    Ali, I thought you were trying to be more Queen of Pents/Hestia-like ;) Still, a bit of Wands energy is a good thing, too, especially if it means you choose to stand up for yourself!

    Helen, I love your point about the need to balance rationality and love :) As for any choice meaning we also have to say no to something else - doesn't that just suck *lol*

    Sharyn, most of the time that's what I figure, but it's still hard sometimes, especially when he's ill and just wants to be with mummy...

    Marina, you are of course right. I know that he knows I love him. Still, I also remember as a kid that when I was ill, it always seemed that mum was the best for making me feel better, even when I was super whiny :b

    MM, ha, how come you're always recommending mind-blowing sex?!? :D Beware, may be TMI: Wish I had the energy for it, it's been a bit too long! With BB ill for the last three weeks, and me and my Dear One suffering various ailments, too (sinusitis, colds, and food poisoning) neither of us has felt particularly sexy :(

    Thanks and hugs to all,

  7. That's our MM ... always lowering the tone, hehe (love her really).

    Like Marina, I never realised how lovely this deck is. This is a particularly beautiful card.


  8. Hi PLN,

    Yes, other than a slight issue with the scanty dress when my practical side comes to the fore (as in, doing that half naked looks a little foolhardy) I find this deck beautiful and very readable if you don't mind working intuitively. I especially like that the "masculine" archetypes are portrayed by women in masks, it adds a very different feel to these, and raises lots of questions.