Saturday, 15 October 2011

Playful Page

This week I will be drawing from a newly released deck by Beth Seilonen, Tarot Leaves (Schiffer, 2011).  The idea behind the deck is that each card is represented by a leaf, and the image is only shown within the outline of the leaf.  Still, it is both the leaf's shape as well as the image which contribute to the interpretation.  It's an interesting deck in soft pastel colours, so let's take a look.

For this first draw we meet the Page of Wands.  I like the way the leaf is quite small and round, which feels appropriate to a Page.  As for the image, it feels warm and colourful.  I notice the sun rising behind the hills in the distance, and the tree just behind the Page, elemental symbol of Wands in this deck.  The Page himself (or herself) has bright red hair and a green t-shirt, and looks curious and playful.

Today we have friends over, whom we have known for a long time.  My Dear One met M at school, and I met him at Uni.  He introduced us then, but we each had different people in our lives.  So, it was only years later, when I returned to England, that M suggested we go out on a date.  And the rest, as they say, is history :)  M is here with his partner and their three kids, so there will be plenty of this enthusiastic, playful energy in the house today!

I am grateful for times when I can enjoy the laughter of children.


  1. This Page looks so Peter Pan-ish, lol! Very cute! I think it could be related to having fun remembering moments of the youth, and also relating them to the youth or your kids!

    Very playful moments, indeed!

    By the way, I hope Big Boy is feeling better by now! :)

  2. Hi Marina,

    Oh, that's an interesting thought, relating it to memories of youth! I've never thought of that in relation to the Page of Wands, but why not?

    As for Big Boy, he's doing much better thanks :)