Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pouring Forth

After yesterday's hot, dry and slightly scary image, today we move to a far kinder place.  The Prairie Tarot offers us hope, generosity and inner balance.

I love this image of a Native American woman generously pouring water into a stream.  Beside her are seven stars, in the colours and order most often attributed to the chakras.  This is a common theme in this deck, especially in the suit of wands, which we haven't seen much this week.  The message I see here is that a connection with the flow of life, and an unblocking of the flow of our own inner energy through our chakras, opens us to new possibilities.  The fact that it is a Native American woman suggests that this balance comes from a respect for nature and her cycles, and a valuing of community.

Today, I need to work on balancing myself for sure.  I've had a streaming cold for the last few days, feeling barely able to think let alone get down to any serious work.  My hope, then, is for healing, while a snarky bit of me sees in this image my nose, generously pouring forth its fluids for another day - bleurgh!  There are cycles to colds, too, and it's often best not to fight them - that just puts off the worst for later.  So, I shall accept this, while hoping for it to pass.

I am grateful for lemsip. 

Update:  Thanks to Helen for her inspiration!  Here's another gratitude:

I am grateful for simple moments that allow me to feel in touch with the universe.


  1. Oh first of all I hope you feel better really really soon! ((hugs))

    Secondly I really like this image of the Star and how it is connected to the chakras. I also like that she has her foot in touch with the water while the other remains tucked under her. Here she keeps the balance between her emotions and her mental self. So thoughtful is her expression as she concentrates on pouring that water. That big bright white star shines above her, to me showing her spiritual aspirations, she is linking herself to her mind body and spirit, through one simple action - it's like a meditation.

    My gratitude saying for this card is, I am grateful that when I recognise I am part of the whole all comes back into balance for me.

  2. Hi Helen,

    What a beautiful take on this card! I think I am feeling to fuzzy-headed to appreciate it properly. You have done a lovely job drawing it all together - I knew I loved the image, but I hadn't broken down the why's... Great gratitude, too :)

    Your description makes me think of another gratitude: I am grateful for simple moments that allow me to feel in touch with the universe.

    Many thanks,

  3. I am trying to figure out how I wasn't even aware of this charming deck. Thank you for sharing, and get well soon Chloë!

  4. Hi Helen,

    Well, the author does say he created it just for himself really, and it is self-published, so no big marketing department. Still, I think it deserves some attention :) Thanks for your well wishes, and have a lovely day!

  5. Now that is a really nice gratitude Chole, amen to that! ^_^

  6. Thanks, Helen! Certainly a more spiritual gratitude than the first... Though I am still most grateful for Lemsip - I wouldn't be able to function today without it! :)

  7. I had to go look up Lemsip. :)

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, Chloë!

    Sending swift healing your way.


  8. Hi MM,

    Sorry, it's such a household name here that it's easy to forget that isn't the case everywhere :)

    Thanks for your well-wishes, I'm feeling much better today. Wishing you a good end of week.