Sunday, 9 October 2011

Riding High

Today's card from the Tarot of the Dream Enchantress (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) is full of energy and passion.

I rather like this Knight of Cups, she's so daring with her emotions.  Though this time round I also notice her being rather daring, nay even foolhardy, in her physicality - I wouldn't ride a spiny creature with no clothes on to protect me!  Still, she rides a seahorse, jumping above the waves, her cup of emotions spraying out as her mount surges upwards.  She's willing to experiment and to take the plunge, trusting herself to the flow of life and love, willing to take on the challenge of experiencing emotion.

This card challenges me to be a bit more emotionally open and daring today.  Perhaps, also, to try to get some perspective on the emotions of those around me.

What do you see in this card?

I am grateful for a passion for living and a willingness to feel my emotions.

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