Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

The card from the Today's Journey Tarot that has come out to play is the tenth Major, normally called the Wheel of Fortune.  Here it has been renamed "Life" and is illustrated with a picture of a roller coaster.

This makes me think of the song "It's Just A Ride" by Jem, which actually starts with the word "life"...  Perhaps the deck author was influenced by her?  In the strange circle that is life, or at least art, I believe Jem was influenced by a sketch by Bill Hicks called "It's Just A Ride".  Certainly, the imagery captures the sense of the ever-changing ups and downs of life that is also present in more traditional Wheel of Fortune cards.

As for me, today we hope to head off for a six day family holiday.  I say hope, as the last two holidays we planned were cancelled due to Big Boy getting ill.  Having just come out of four weeks where he has had three different infections, I'm praying that we'll have a few clear days!  Then there are the vicissitudes of the journey - travelling with a small boy and his medical equipment is always quite a trip in any case.  I really hope that today our roller coaster will be more up than down, and that it won't stall out at any point...

I am grateful for the reminder that, in the end, very little of what happens in life is definitive or truly important.


  1. Oh, I really hope the trip goes well and that BB stays healthy.

    Thinking of you all today. Lots of hugs.


  2. Hope all goes well and that you have a lovely time! Great connection to that card and a great depiction from the artist. Love it!

  3. Hi MM,
    Well, we made it here safe and sound, though BB did throw a strop as the plane was descending :/ So far he seems to be enjoying it, especially as we're staying in the bustling centre, rather than at home in the suburbs - he likes the city vibe :D

    Hi PLN,
    Thanks, we'll try :) I agree, this is a great card - I really like the sense that the wheel isn't just up or down, but round and about, if you see what I mean...

    Wishing you both a lovely week,