Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Romantic Walks

The Today's Journey Tarot offers me the Two of Water (Cups) on this sunny (here in Spain) Wednesday.

No cups in evidence here, as the suits are elementally associated rather than to specific objects.  Still, the feeling of unity between two people shines through on this card.  They stand in shallow water, bathed in moonlight - how much more romantic can you get?  However, while we are in Spain, we're about as far as you can get from a beach, as Madrid is in the centre of the country, high on a mountain plateau :)  Still, a romantic walk in the local park would be lovely.

I am a bit flummoxed by this card, in the sense that today I have to work a bit (yes, I know I'm officially on holiday, but some deadlines don't care about these things) and then this evening I'm going out with some of my best friends in the world, who live here in Madrid.  Not sure how much time my Dear One and I will have to be coupley, but perhaps this is a recommendation to make the most of any moments we do have :)  Yes, Magic Mentha, I hear you!

I am grateful for the love of my Dear One and my love for him.


  1. LOL!!

    Heheee. No comment. NO COMMENT!!!!

    :D Just save some energy for this evening. :)

  2. Hi MM,

    Blogger seems to be swallowing comments: I replied to this on the day *d'oh* We were quite chaste, but still had a lovely time :) Hope you're having a good week, too.


  3. I'm glad you had a good, wholesome time. :D

    The card is rather romantic rather than sexual so that fits. ;D