Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Self-Made Man

In the Today's Journey Tarot (Expanding Dimensions, 2011) the Court cards have been renamed Father, Mother, Youth and Child.  So, here we have the Father of Fire, equivalent to the King of Wands. 

I really like these sort of modern Court cards.  I find they are often far more approachable and understandable than traditional variants, putting people into a context where we can better apprehend their characteristics.  Certainly, that feels like the case here.  This guy is very confident, he knows what he wants, and he enjoys the trappings of success.  He is dynamic, and takes the long view on things, liking to get an overview rather than getting trapped in the details.  Of course, while I say he, this could represent a woman, or a situation, one where these characteristics are being exhibited or would be useful. 

Today I have a business meeting to attend.  Bringing some of these characteristics to bear would probably be a good idea.  Some of the others tend to get trapped in detail, so a different perspective is always a good thing.  Also, it's an environment where it's good to look confident.  So, that's what I take from this card today.  Of course, it could represent someone at the meeting, the team leader, in particular.  Either way, it's a pretty good energy for any business question :)

I am grateful for the ability to come across as confident when I need to.


  1. yes, this is definitely a card of confidence... and also of vision. i connect the king of wands with sagittarius. may your arrow hit its target today!

  2. Hi Chloe - I agree with you onthe more relevant interpretations of the Court Cards, even though I don't find this deck that appealing. Very fitting for your business meeting though! Hope it all went well for you and it didn't get too intense (which fire people are naturally drawn to!) Blessings.

  3. Hi Monica,
    I agree, I don't think this will become one of my "go-to" decks. Still, it is interesting. As for the meeting, there wasn't all that much fire, though one guy did manage a bit. And I got a lift from someone higher up so I got the chance to try out my confident act :)