Friday, 7 October 2011

Weekly Vlog for 8th October

This week I decided to do a three card reading with the Rock'n'Roll Oracle.  For one thing, it meant I got to experiment with not just adding an audio track, but mixing in different songs.  For another, I'm just plain enjoying using this lovely deck :)  You can find the reading (which is under 4 minutes) here.

Once again, I've used the Pathway Spread by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, coauthors of the Wildwood Tarot.  They'll be in London for the UK Tarot Conference next week.  Sadly, I can't go, as we have Uni friends coming to stay.  That'll be fun, too, though ;)

Back to the cards, don't forget: if you'd like to get your hands on this deck, you can pledge to the Kickstarter campaign as a way of pre-ordering the deck, get other goodies thrown in, and help out an independent deck creator!

Hope you enjoy the reading, and let me know what you think, one way or the other...


  1. This is an excellent reading. Love the various songs and captions and interpretations. You're really on a roll (rock n' roll?) will these video blogs.


  2. Ha ha! Thanks, MM, glad you enjoyed the reading :)

    I'm having so much fun doing video blogs. I really like the sense of immediacy they give, the aliveness. And having music as well as pretty pictures, well, that's just the cherry on the cake ;)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.