Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11/11 Reading

This morning Tarotize published a post talking about her take on the numerology of today.  Discussing it in conjunction with the moon's phases, she recommended using this as a time to do a reading on new beginnings and manifestation.  Although I'm publishing this during the void of course time of the moon, I did the reading while it was still in Taurus (not that I know much about what that means, but I'm happy to take the word of someone wiser than me).

I just asked what I can manifest, though Tarotize talked about it in terms of love.  Well, the cards definitely spoke to that precise question!  I didn't define positions, just pulled three cards from the Steele Wizard Tarot, and the results were:

This new beginning will allow me to manifest my romantic side, my ability to give love, and to share.  The Knight of Cups speaks to me of being more out-going with my emotions, willing to express how I feel.  The Ace of Cups tells me I have a well of love to give, and to let that love flow generously without holding back.

Finally, the Maiden of Pentacles.  This is one of the extra cards that Pamela Steele added to this deck.  I like the idea of a youthful, feminine energy.  As sellers of car insurance will tell you, insuring a young man has very different risks to insuring a young woman.  With the addition of these Maiden cards, Pamela speaks to this difference that encompasses youthfulness but acknowledges the Maiden aspect of human nature.

What I see in this Maiden of Pentacles is someone who is shy yet flirtatious, just starting to explore what it means to have a sensual, sexual body.  She may at times hide behind the physical or the material, yet she is also quite down-to-earth.  So, a call to reconnect with the physical aspects of life, with sensuality, play and pleasure.  Perhaps also a time to consider what to hide and what to reveal.

As I said above, I did this reading early this morning, but didn't have time to do the scanning/writing up etc.  In the meantime, I had a little nap (as well as working etc).  I awoke with an "aha".  The above is a psychological/empowering reading of the cards, my normal modus operandi.  And yet, the Maiden of Pentacles challenges me to consider what I choose to reveal.

When I woke up, I thought about the Ace of Cups being bookmarked by the Knight of Cups and the Maiden.  My lover and I, enclosing a receptacle that, filled with our love, takes form and wells forth.  We have been trying for several months now to conceive another child, and while it feels a little fraught with worry (would another child also have health issues, am I getting too old to have a child?), it also feels like a possibility for new and happier emotions.  I have seen signs hinting at this in other readings, for example here, though I didn't mention that interpretation at the time.  I hope that, if this is the start of a new phase, the chance of a seed being sown can be manifested, a manifestation of love. 

In any case, I don't see the two interpretations - psychological/empowering and divinatory/predictive - as being opposing.  Both could be true and relevant.  For example, the advice I see in the psychological reading can only help the chance of making the divination come into being - being open, sensual and emotionally expressive is a good place to start when trying to make a baby ;D

I hope you'll wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck.

    Are the Maidens an addition to the deck, or do they replace Pages?

  2. Wow!

    I'm glad I read this post instead of waiting.

    I'm so excited for you (and admittedly a bit jealous. We had the snip this April and part of me regrets it). I hope you enjoy the process with joy and an open heart (and lots of fun! ;))

    Anyway. Just really happy for you. Hope you can relax and let it happen.


  3. Hi Cher,

    The Maidens are additional, so the deck has Pages, Maidens, Knights, Queens and Kings - I think it's a great idea! It also has six extra Majors - very interesting. They include "Evolution", "The Universe" (also has the World, unlike the Thoth) and "I Am".

    Best wishes for a good weekend,

  4. Hi MM,

    I remember your posts on your dreams and readings regarding having a son - tough choices :(

    For a long while I didn't feel I could handle another child. Then, about a year ago I had an epiphany and decided I'd really like to try. My Dear One had been keen all along. We waited a bit so there was no chance of a baby popping out before I finished my Masters. Now, with that end in sight, I hope for a new beginning. Would give Big Boy someone to play with, too, he loves having other kids around :)

    We've been trying for a while now, but then I wonder whether I've just been too tired and stressed... Once again, change is coming. And, as you say, trying is fun too! ;D

    Huge hugs,

  5. Chloë - readings certainly very often have more than one layer of interpretation and I agree that both are possible in your case. Definitely wishing you luck in conceiving another child! BB, Lisa

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I totally agree that readings can have multiple layers, I just don't often look at or acknowledge a predictive approach. Here, though, when I woke up it just jumped right out at me :)

    Hope you've had a good weekend.