Friday, 4 November 2011

All Souls

I've been really enjoying using the All Hallows Tarot.  It's a deck I've had a while, but I hadn't dug it out for quite some time.  It's great to have had this reminder of just what a gorgeous deck it is!  Anyhow, for this last draw I pulled the Five of Cups.

Somehow, these squashed and destroyed pumpkins feel even sadder than spilled cups.  Firstly, perhaps, because they've been anthropomorphised by being carved.  Secondly because they're not just spilling their contents, but have been smashed to bits.  So, it feels like a reminder of people in our lives who have died, rather than just nostalgia for a lost love.  I guess that fits well with the time of year, a time to honour the souls of the dead.  Still, the reminder is also there that, after we have thought of our beloved dead, we still have the living to (re)turn to.

Today my mum is coming over to visit.  Perhaps we can reminisce about my favourite grandmother, my mother's mother, and make a toast to her.  Maybe, too, together we can also remeber my father, who died last year.

I am grateful for the time I spent with my grandmother and my father, and the time I still have to spend with other friends and family now.


  1. Hugs!

    I hope you and your mom have a good remembering together.

    Now I KNOW those are pumpkins. Yes, smashed pumpkins are kind of sad, but it reminds me of a humorous story. When I first went to college I was 17 (I graduated early from high school because I despised H.S. and was bullied)...and I had a roommate who had carved a pumpkin that Halloween.

    It began to stink after several days (or more) and I had the idea to throw it out the window. Having no impulse control I did so. She was upset but not that upset. She was a pretty nice girl--much nicer than I was, especially then.

    I have no idea why I am telling you this story. :)


  2. Hi MM,

    I think that a stinking pumpkin deserves to be chucked, but whether or not the people below you, or on the street, appreciated how you threw it is probably a different question ;) Bet it was fun, though!

    Perhaps the message there is that sometimes we need to know when to let go of something...

    Big hugs,