Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bouncing Balloon

This week I will be drawing from the recently released Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy (U.S. Games, 2011).  My first impression is that these cards are beautiful and whimsical, and less busy than the Paulina Tarot.

For this first draw I was just shuffling and shuffling the deck (while reading something on a forum) and this card popped out to say hello.  I have to say, the Sun seems to have a somewhat mournful demeanour.  Still, the fellow flying on a strange sea-horse-like creature looks happy enough, holding the sun like a helium balloon in one hand, and a shining heart in the other.  Youthful innocence and delight shine through.

Today I will try to finish the essay I was working on last week.  Hope this card bodes well for my success in this endeavour.  Perhaps it tells me I need to stay with the things about this topic which I enjoy, and reflect on the ways in which I may be naive about it.

I am grateful for this encouragement towards intellectual curiosity.


  1. The Sun does make me think of children and babies. But yes, the other things apply as well. ;D

  2. Well, though I'm hoping for a girl :)

    This comes back to the divinatory vs psychological reading thing, I guess. I never really think of kids when I see this card. It's also true that, if Big Boy has a "card" it's the Emperor :D


  3. Very true! Interpretations are so unique. I definitely saw this as a literal son for me, but for you I see it just in general as a child. I think the whole child/baby riding an animal thing makes me think of the nursery concept.

    I think that's funny. Pele can also be rather Emperorish. Very delegatey/bossy. Lol. Oy.

    Well, I hope you have a lovely day.


  4. Oh, that's interesting. I never saw it as a child on a rocking horse, but now...

    Ha, I bet most kids can be little tyrants sometimes, though I suspect if there are behavioural issues involved that can become a lot of the time. Still, maybe as they grow up it lessens (gotta think positive, right?)

    Huggaboos to you, too :D