Sunday, 6 November 2011

Communing With Nature

The Steele Wizard Tarot by Pamela Steele today offers me the Page of Pentacles.  In this deck the Page represents very purely youthful energy - for more gendered energy she has both Maidens and Knights, Queens and Kings, a set-up I rather like.

This Page sits on a tree stump, gazing intently at his/her Pentacle.  Thick leaves grow to the side, and a gnarly branch with three leaves hangs down at head height.  The Page wears a red doublet with black and gold piping, lilac leggings, and golden shoes.  I find the colours curious: normally gold and lilac are associated with enlightenment and spiritual understanding, thus to have them on the feet and legs seems a little strange.  Yet perhaps what this suggests is just how grounded this Page is, how it is a connection to the earth itself which brings wisdom in this instance.  The way the branch hangs down to one side at head height seems to reinforce this, like a piece of nature reaching out towards our young friend in greeting and acknowledgement.

The Page of Pentacles is generally a card that I associate with learning something physical or practical.  It has often come up for me with reference to yoga (and if you're interested in yoga, don't forget to check out my yule yoga giveaway!)  Today this Page asks me what I can learn from nature, and perhaps from my own nature and body.

Today my MIL comes to visit.  We often all go out for a walk on our local Heath, which would give me a chance to commune with nature.  On the other hand, I feel like perhaps this card is more about learning from my body - I am intending to do a longer yoga practice today, too :)  I always do at least 20 minutes, but I like when I can fit in a fuller practice.  So, what can I learn from it today?  There's always more to feel and experience...

I am grateful for the many opportunities to learn from nature and from yoga.

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