Monday, 21 November 2011


While connected to the Rider Waite Smith tarot, Iowan's Tarot has a novel, modern and sometimes psychedelic take on the cards, while using "primitive" suit icons - a strange mix, but one which I feel works.

This can clearly be seen here, in the Two of Spears (Swords).  A man sits as though meditating, blindfolded, atop a scales.  In front and back of him, two large spears cross over, tipped with double-forked prongs.  Arching over him is a depiction of Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky.  In some ways, the symbols seem more appropriate to Justice than the Two of Swords.  Which makes me think of the Wildwood depiction, titled Injustice (you can see a pic here from Priestess Tarot).  Yet in Iowan's Tarot the keyword is "compromise".

So, a weighing up of different aspects of a situation from a place of calm and acceptance.  The goddess blesses his endeavour, recognising his openness to the fates, his mental clarity uncluttered by preconceptions.

My second to last day at college beckons, a penultimate opportunity to assess where I am going with this.  A chance, too, to build bridges for the future, and find an equilibrium with friends and others alike.  After the course, I may never see some of these people again, strange after two years when we have shared so much.

And in the evening, group supervision.  Always a balancing act - who needs what and when.  I feel a little guilty that the group has agreed to my going first if I feel the need, given how early I am generally up with Big Boy.  And yet, surely better that than me failing to go again, which has also happened fairly often.  So, the compromise is that I go but may leave early.

I am grateful for the kindness of others.


  1. Squeal...

    I can't believe you're almost done!

    Congrats on all the hard work you've put in. I'm in awe of it, really. I've felt so unable to take on new challenges and so it's very thought-provoking to read about what you're up to.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you at the last stretch of this.


  2. thumbs up to a job well done! I've had people ask me what was the big deal about graduation from high school when they could learn on the job. I say it tells a prospective employer you are able to finish what you started. :)

  3. Hi MM,
    Thanks for the "squeal" though I'm not sure I deserve it. I still have to finish up my client hours (I have 55 and need 100, so quite a way to go) and write my dissertation (well, I'd get a Post-Graduate Diploma if I didn't write it, rather than the Masters). So, still a scarily long road, but at least I have time and can do those bits more at my own pace, as this last year has felt rather pressured.

    As for you feeling unable to take on new challenges, there may also be an aspect where that's more honest and braver - I've sometimes felt that my studies are an escape from my home situation :/

    Either way, thanks for the well wishes :)

    Big hugs to you,

  4. Hi Sharyn,

    I shall keep that in mind as I plough on :) However, it could be seen as a little like avoiding work given I already have a Masters (in an entirely different field, though).

    I guess there are many ways of learning, and many ways of showing you have staying power - a daily blog, for instance ;D

    Wishing you a good week,

  5. Well, I stand by my squeal, even though you're not quite done with everything yet. I do hope finishing this part of things up allows for a less frenzied pace.

    To be honest, I am thinking the same for myself (except in reverse)...that maybe staying with Pele 24/7 and not doing anything else (frankly, I've been super lazy about it) is MY way of escaping making any other goals in my life.

    So that's my current goal...making new goals! Laugh. Something about focusing all of my energy on recovering from the trauma of getting Pele's seizures under control definitely did give me the (perhaps warranted) excuse to not ever make any goals or put the elbow grease in on those goals, but I do realize that now things are settling down I want to do that again.

    Hope you have a well-deserved break soon.

    Hugs to you,

    p.s. and there is nothing wrong with needing to escape. Even parents without children with health issues want and need that escape, so I imagine it's doubly true when you have a special challenge. I think I need to find this balance. Going back to school sounds super tiring to me, but on the other hand it might stimulate parts of my brain that have gone neglected...