Friday, 18 November 2011

Cool Cat

I really like today's card from the Joie de Vivre Tarot.

The King of Swords is a card whose energy I have argued elsewhere is sometimes seen too negatively.  Here we certainly have a more positive view of him.  A cool cat with a red hat, a blue cape, a white-frilled neck cuff, purple shoes, a brown jerkin and trousers, a green bird on his arm and a sword held casually, blade down, in his left hand. 

His clothing suggest both stability (brown), an ability to express himself clearly (blue), wisdom (purple) and passion (red).  The fact that his shoes are purple hints that he isn't entirely practical - more in touch with lofty ideals than with the everyday.  Yet his brown underclothes do say that he is stable in his approach to any matter, just that the matters he approaches may be more on a mental than a physical level.

There are clouds around him, a challenge to his clarity of vision.  Yet the bird suggests he knows how to use resources to find a different perspective.  And the sword suggests he is at ease with his thoughts and mind.

Another day when I could use some of this clear-sightedness and determination.  Have to finish my essay by Monday and it's dragging on horribly.  I'm also seeing a client and having supervision, so clarity of expression is called for, too.

I am grateful for my mind, and for times when it is clear and focused. 


  1. How exciting!

    I hope you have fun with the deck.

    Good luck with the essay...


  2. Oops. I commented on the wrong post. How dumb of me. But I do like this King of Swords, and the King of Swords is my husband's (the double libra!) card. I appreciate your positive take on him since so many other people are so negative about the swords suit.

    Thankful Hugs,

  3. Hi MM,

    Yeah, I have a soft spot for the entire Swords court - they often get a bad press which I don't think they deserve. The King of Swords can be incisive and a very stimulating conversationalist. As for any other attributes, I couldn't comment ;)

    And I'm guessing the other comment was for Iowan's Tarot - I'll be blogging with it for the next week :)