Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I'm not quite sure what to make of today's card from Iowan's Tarot.

In this version of the Five of Staves (Wands), we see a woman sitting curled up with negative words all around her: murder, war, social apathy, depression, alcoholism etc.  These are negative situations the world and other people subject her to, whether personally or at a remove.  I can see here the idea of being attacked and needing to fight for herself.  However, these are in many ways ideas and words she is fighting, which makes it seem more of a Spears/Swords kind of thing.  Still, I guess it is the fact that these ideas are put into practice by people that makes this a fight against others.

My plan for the day mainly involves essay writing.  A battle with words and ideas, that's for sure.  And given my essay topic is intersubjectivity - our relationship with others - I guess that fits this card, too.

I am grateful not to have much discord in my life.

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