Monday, 7 November 2011


Today's card is one of the six extra Majors which Pamela Steele has incorporated into her Steele Wizard Tarot.

Titled Evolution and numbered XXVI, this card shows a woman's face transforming into a more spiritual, inward-focused version of itself.  Framed by two rainbow-hued crystals (the border for all the Majors, while the Minors have two interweaving ribbons around them), she is surrounded by balls of light, and also has a point of light at her third eye.  Her eyes gradually close to the outside as she atunes to the Universe from the inside, and that point of light at the brow grows ever brighter.  I love this concept of evolution as spiritual, rather than merely physical.

Today I'm back at college, but I may well have to be more inward-focused than is my custom: I've lost my voice.  Not being able to speak before I think can surely not be a bad thing spiritually :D

I am grateful for times of quiet and reflection.


  1. Lovely card and insights. Hope your throat gets better soon! BB, Lisa

  2. Wow.

    I'm sorry about your voice!

    Is it laryngitis? I used to get that all the time.

    Anyway--hope your day goes well.


  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks, I hope it gets better soon, too. Hope you're having a good week.
    BB, Chloë

    Hi MM,

    I think it's just the result of a cold, but I have to admit it's strange - my voice went really quickly, I think it's the first time this has happened to me. Maybe that counts as laryngitis. Anyhow, I shall just carry on and assume it'll get better by itself: my normal approach to most things to do with my own health :)

    Hope you are well and had a good start to the week.