Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fiery Unicorn

What a beautiful card for a not-so-beautiful day!  The Sun from the Steele Wizard Tarot (by Pamela Steele) graces my screen this morning, while clouds darken the skies outside.

I absolutely adore this depiction!  I don't remember having seen a unicorn on any other Sun card (except of course the Unicorn Tarot).  It seems a wonderful symbol for hope, strength, energy, purity of spirit, and forward momentum.  Enormous daisies grow in front of the wall that the unicorn flies over, making me think of daisy chains, sunny days in childhood, and innocence.  Yet the sun also burns fiery hot behind the unicorn, hinting at both great energy and also the shadow side of this card - an excess of enthusiasm and possible burnout.

Today I shall take to the skies, too, as I have to go to Germany for work.  Can't say I bring any child-like enthusiasm to the situation: air travel has become a chore in this age of cheap flights, crowded airports, and ridiculous security measures.  Still, I'll meet up with family for dinner tonight, which is a joy.

I am grateful for my family, both near and more distant, both past, present and future, and for the opportunity to spend time with them.


  1. That's a beautiful card Chloe. Brings light to the dark skies here too. I hope that your trip goes well and you have a lovely dinner tonight.


  2. Chloe, are you sure that is a unicorn? It has no horn. It's a winged horse, like Pegasus. Equally beautiful, but different.

  3. Merciful journeys!
    I too was looking for the horn :)
    Been there done that.

  4. Traveling to Germany?

    Wow, it just sounds unreal to me, but I guess that's because I've never been overseas (except a mediocre honeymoon cruise to Cozumel). I know it's for work, which makes it considerably less exciting.

    I hope everything goes well for you!

    Winged Horse Hugs,

  5. Sorry, you are quite right, it is a Pegasus rather than a unicorn! Magical horses, distinctions between, clearly not my forte *d'oh*

    Journey was a nightmare: fire shutters came down at the airport "by accident" locking us airside for a while. Crash on the motorway had us travelling backroads, and then there were roadworks - eeh gads! Finally at destination, thank the goddess :)

    Also, I am completely mute, can't speak at all! My computer has a text to voice option, though, so I'm typing stuff out to say... Certainly getting lots of laughs ;D But it can't manage German!

    Hope you are all having a good week so far.

  6. I'm with you on this one - airtravel just isn't what it used to be and it's totally over-rated. Especially for people like me who have a fear of flying too ha ha next time I'll just tranquilise myself silly. Usually I drink as much red wine as I can, takes the edge of a bit :)

    All the best with the mute/mime experiment. I'm sure the German beer will ease the unfamiliarity a bit :)


  7. Hi Monica,

    I've always heard that you get drunk much faster up in the air, is that true? Anyhow, I'm not a fan of beer, but coped with miming and plenty of exaggerated facial expressions :D


  8. well, I can't confirm how much faster you get drunk since my method involves getting as much wine in as fast as possible. :) Based on that, it happens pretty fast, and turbulence becomes a very enjoyable experience. Blessings!