Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just Clowning Around?

The All Hallows Tarot, by Robin Tisch-Hollister sends out the Nine of Swords today!

The image here is humorous, and yet with a dark edge.  On the one hand, clowns are just jokers, right?  Yet their teeth look pretty sharp...  And is that a bat with a skull's head behind those swords, all lined up to block our not-so-intrepid hero from leaving the cave? 

For me this highlights the fact that even if our worries and doubts may seem silly to others, they can be very real to us, and should be respected.  However, there is still the question of what we can do when insomnia strikes and our minds are populated by fears.  As I write this, laughter therapy springs to mind.  Is it just a joke?

Today I go to see a doctor again with Big Boy, and then later travel to work with clients - what a busy day!  As for how it relates to this card, I have to admit that doctor's worry me - waiting for the bad news, worrying about it, wondering if they'll be helpful or just add to my concerns.  And then, I know that one of my clients feels this way a lot of the time, too, scared of her own thoughts, trying to flee them through hard physical work or mindless television.   Knowing of her distress helps put mine in context, just as laughing at something can do.  I hope that my just being there for her is enough to help.

I am grateful that witnessing other people's Nine of Swords moments can put my own into perspective.


  1. Aw, I like this cute rendering of the 9 of Swords. It reminds me of my fear of darkness as a child. I was afraid of the dark, so I'd wrap the covers around me and close my eyes. Nothing could harm me if I was laying down like that! Everybody knows that the boogeyman and the devils cannot defeat the power of the covers and the teddy bears, and that they never attack you if you have your eyes closed.

    If we analyze it through the cold eyes of adult rationality, it seems silly. But for our child-side it's all you need to be protected. The small things that grant us comfort.

    I'd say this card is telling you to see comfort in the small things during your busy day. If wearing a certain pendant or carrying a certain deck make you feel more prepared to face the world, you should do it. :-)

  2. Hi Marina,

    I really like your interpretation. Unfortunately, I didn't see it til the day was over. Still, I think that's good advice at any time. And I hope you take your own advice, carrying something supportive with you when you're feeling a bit under attack :)