Monday, 14 November 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

Paulina Cassidy's Joie de Vivre Tarot (U.S. Games, 2011) is extremely beautiful, highly whimsical, and rather quirky.  Which is to say, I'm really enjoying it :)

Today's card is the Three of Cups.  What I notice is that the three characters here each seem to be bringing something to the table, so to speak.  The one on the right carries a flute, the one in the middle has cups which overflow, and the one on the left carries baskets of tempting fruit.  Music, food, drink and good company - it's a party! 

Yet the three friends, as well as offering different things, are also very disparate.  One is a rabbit, the other looks mainly human besides the flower fountain that seems to grow from her hair, while the third is a mermaid.

In this card I see a celebration of our dissimilarities, and a willingness to enjoy life in all its variety and colour.  A reminder that it can be fun to challenge our ways of being, and to expand our horizons through other people who are different to ourselves.

Today I am going into college and it's true that, although we are all studying the same subject, there is still a world of difference between us all.  I hope I can appreciate that multiplicity and allow it to open my perspective and my heart.

I am grateful for all the different people who enrich my life. 


  1. I really like this deck. I am drawn to its whimsical style and fun, too.

    It's funny because I grew weary of the Paulina Tarot (which is weird because it really is a beautiful deck), but then again I go through cycles so it's just as likely that I'll be back in the 'mood' for the Paulina one of these days.

    I'm having a hard time picking a deck for the week. I still don't quite feel like reading tarot, even though I've been reading all along. I think it's because my mind is so all over the place. I'm sure you can relate to that feeling, with how BUSY you are. I guess I have no excuse except that I'm just generally odd in the head at times.

    Hope you have an excellent week, m'dear.


  2. Hi MM,

    Yes, I like this deck, too. Better than the Paulina, in fact, which I found a bit too "busy" to read with for more than a single card draw. It created an information overload, with a lot of it not seeming very relevant...

    I also go through cycles with decks. I think it keeps me from feeling stale, or from developing associations that close down possible interpretations. Like if you have one card appear a lot in a certain situation, it can be good to change decks to allow other possibilities to be associated with that card. It might still appear in a given situation, but you may see something new in it, too.

    I don't see that you need to have a physical deck for the week - if you're enjoying My Divination then go with that. Though I do find it grounding to shuffle cards...

    Wishing you a lovely week, too :)