Saturday, 19 November 2011


This week, as promised, I will be pulling from the independently published Iowan's Tarot.  This is an African-American deck with changed suit names: Staves (Wands), Gourds (Cups), Spears (Swords) and Cowries (Pentacles).  The Courts are titled Counsel (Page), Rhythm (Knight), Wellspring (Queen), and GateKeeper (King), which I think is an interesting and useful approach to the Court roles.  Also, all but one Major has been renamed.

For this first draw I received the Rhythm of Gourds (Knight of Cups).  All the Rhythm cards show a woman in a warrior-type asana position.  Here, she wears a blue body suit, straddles a small stream pouring down boulders, and holds a carp-decorated ball on her upraised hand.  I find it interesting that, when I wrote a post associating warrior poses with the tarot Knights, this is pretty much the pose that I chose for the Knight of Cups!  And speaking of yoga, a quick reminder that I'm running a yule yoga giveaway, if you haven't taken part yet :)

This image suggests to me an ability to be open hearted, to go with the flow emotionally, and yet to still be strong and dedicated.  Depending on my mood, I can imagine associating the carp with saying what you think the other wants to hear (Koi ⇒ coy).  It can also be associated with love and friendship - according to wikipedia the Japanese have another word that sounds just like koi and means love and affection.  Both interpretations fit my ideas about the Knight of Cups.

I really like the title Rhythm for this Knight equivalent.  It has a great sense of movement, and yet also a sense of power and naturalness.  When I think of the Rhythm of Gourds, I imagine water sloshing round inside a gourd, not a rigid sound but rather one that is variable and flowing.

This morning I'll be working on my essay a bit more, talking about emotions and the fluid process of working with a client.  This afternoon we go to a house warming party, where there'll be plenty of liquid flowing, as well as music to sway to ;D 

I am grateful for times of emotional openness and joy.


  1. Very nice. Sounds like an interesting but busy day. And this deck is perfect for you with its yoga poses and interesting touches.

    Koi Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Well, I've almost finished my essay - hurray! And the party was nice, too. Big Boy wanted to dance around with a girl nearly twice his age - very cute.

    Hope you're having a good weekend, too.