Friday, 11 November 2011

Movement Cubed

For this final draw with the Steele Wizard Tarot (by Pamela Steele) I received the Chariot.

I really like the fact that Pamela Steele has added more women to the cards in this deck, and challenged some gender stereotypes.  For example, her Eight of Swords shows a bound man, rather than a woman.  Meanwhile, here our chariot driver is a woman.  She also added runes to a number of cards, including this one.  The woman wears a brooch decorated with Raidho - the rune for wagon or chariot - and the horses' harnesses are decorated with the Ehwaz rune, signifying horse.  This emphasises the travel and movement aspect of this card, thought the runes also speak of progress, teamwork, loyalty (Ehwaz) and evolution, decision and perspective (Raidho).  Which I guess fits quite well with traditional Chariot associations of taming different aspects of ourselves in order to move forward.

I'm not sure if willpower alone will be enough to help me progress today.  I'm supposed to see two clients, but my voice is still borderline absent.  So, I have to decide whether to push on, at the risk of hurting my throat and perhaps not coming across very well with one client who is just starting today.  Otherwise, I can ring to cancel our sessions and get on with my essays instead...

I am grateful for the ability to move forward one way or another.

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