Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Once More Unto the Breach

Charging into battle today comes the Knight of Swords.

In this Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011) the Knight of Swords rides a black hose with a purple and gold harness and saddle decorated with the pagan rune for winter.  He rides out with sword in hand, and his armour is seriously spikey!  Dashing through slushy snow, nothing will stop him reaching his goal.

I see the horse's tack suggesting that the horse is the wiser part of this partnership.  The Knight can get carried away by his thoughts and desire to move forward, whereas the horse trusts its instincts more.  The Knight is exiting from a portculis, leaving the safety of the castle behind him, heading out into who knows what.  But then, that's part of the charm of the Knight of Swords: he goes where his search for information and new ideas takes him, paying little heed to others, or to his own security.

I wonder where my essay will take me today?  Will I come across some interesting new information in one of the books which I have just skimmed so far?  Or will I realise I have let some idea run away with me, and need to back it up with a lot more evidence?

In the wider world, today there is a public sector strike as teachers and others try to dissuade the government from proposed pension cuts.  I support the teachers - they're already not paid a huge amount.  I'd far rather see a cut in arms purchases or the standing army.  But then, unlike this Knight, I'm a pacifist at heart :)

I am grateful for my curiosity and desire to learn.


  1. I kind of wrote this deck off when I first saw it elsewhere, but watching you use it here on your blog, I do like the lovely colouring. And this is a great Knight of Swords. I like your interpretation of running off in your essay without backing up with too much evidence, relating to him.

  2. Hi PLN,

    I have to agree, I've seen very few people commenting on this deck. However, it is actually in my top five decks of 2011! I love it as a RWS-type deck, but with pagan symbolism. It is definitely playful, but no less readable for it, and I think the artwork is lovely. I hope you'll give it a second glance :)

  3. I had a deck with illustrations by Antonella Platano before--the 78 Doors deck, and I gave it to someone, but I've been interested in your draws here with the new deck.

    I am very keen on 80% of what Lo Scarabeo does.

  4. Hi Woley,

    Yeah, I'm quite a fan of Lo Scarabeo, too! And Antonella Platano is one of their regular artists - she also did the Gay Tarot, the Universal Goddess, and the Witchy Tarot, as well as the 78 Doors. So, I realise I have all the decks she's illustrated :D

    This is probably my favourite of them all, though the Gay Tarot is also right up there. Maybe I'll have to pull out the Witchy Tarot some time soon, for a laugh...