Sunday, 20 November 2011


For this second day with Iowan's Tarot I drew another court card - the Counsel of Staves (Page of Wands).

The keyword that Iowan has chosen here is "poise".  It's not one I would normally associate with the Page of Wands: more full of youthful joy and playfulness in my eyes.  Perhaps that poise is simply the confidence and delight in life this card represents - a faith in themselves and in the benificence of the universe.

Not sure I'm feeling much of that at the moment, and maybe that's the point.  I need to draw on this trust in the world and in myself.  I have promised myself that if I can finish one of my essays today I won't try for an extension on the other big one.  I'd rather not have it dragging out over Christmas...

I am grateful for the message to trust in my abilities.


  1. "Perhaps that poise is simply the confidence and delight in life this card represents - a faith in themselves and in the benificence of the universe."

    I have to say I'm not feeling much of these either today.

    I like your gratitude I should adopt it for myself.

  2. Hi Helen,

    Yes, I think that's a message I've seen in your readings for yourself a few times, too :) You'd think by now we'd have a bit more self-confidence :b

    Hope you've had a good weekend,

  3. Yes you would think wouldn't you - keeps turning up till we learn. Btw I have retired from Tarot Notes, I announced it on the blog a couple of days ago. Zanna will still be there blogging though. ^_^

  4. Oh, I hadn't seen that! Will miss you - I really loved your posts. With just one voice Tarot Notes will be different. Still, I wish you well, and hope you'll still drop by here :)

  5. You keep pulling my family member's court cards. Maybe you'll pull my card next. Just kidding!

    These cards are very vibrant--almost urban-looking. This one reminds me of graffiti (in a good way)!

    Hope you are well.

    November hugs,

  6. Hi MM,

    Ha ha, this deck must be calling to you :)

    Interesting, I hadn't seen the graffiti aspect, but now you say it... Someone young and creative, trying to express themselves!

    Hmm, how is a November hug different from an October or a December hug? :)

    Seasonal hugs,

  7. Hi Chloë,

    Yes, maybe it's the siren song of the deck...

    I guess the November hug might not be quite as festive as the December hug, but still nice.

    I think a lot of people find the end of the year chaotic and stressful. I'm going to try to avoid that trend if possible, but at least there is some holiday fun to be had, as long as I don't let the swirling insanity of the season overtake me!

    Balanced Holiday Hugs,