Friday, 18 November 2011

Postal Surprise

Outer box, with a fork for perspective
Last Saturday the postman came by with a parcel.  I was a little surprised.  Although I had a deck on order, this parcel was big!  Still, when I read the label (removed in the pic) it said Deck of Cards...

Tugging off all the tape and the label, I plunged through brown packing paper to find a still-rather-large black box inside.  Iowan's Tarot - an independently created and published deck I've been following for at least a year - was nestled inside. 
Outer box and inner box
On to the next layer: I opened the black box to find a very hand-sized deck, a matching bag, and a big card - almost the size of the box when folded - with a wheel of the Major images and some spread suggestions (not pictured here). 
Boxes 1+2, the bag and deck
While the packaging is definitely excessively big, the deck is a lovely size, and very interesting.  The cards were all out of order, so I had to go through everything to check they were all there.  That was my excuse, anyway, as I was supposed to be working on an essay at the time *d'oh*.  I shall be using it as my deck of the week, and hope to write up a review of it at some point, too.  After my essays are all handed in!
Finally, the deck!


  1. Wow, I immediately like the colors of the title card! Bright and vivid!

    Congratulations for your Post surprise! :o)
    I hope you'll use it for readings here in your blog! I'd like to read about your experiences with this deck! <3

  2. Hi Marina,

    Yes, I'll be blogging with this colourful deck for the next week :)

  3. Looks interesting! I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it!

  4. Hi Zanna,

    It does offer quite a different perspective and visual style to many other decks. I'll be curious to hear what you think by the end of the week :)