Thursday, 24 November 2011


Iowan's Tarot has a very modern feel to it, as well as being "ethnic".  I can well imagine reading with it for someone who doesn't like "old-fashioned" stuff. 

Today's card is a perfect case in point.  A biker stands with his back to us, gazing at the open road ahead of him.  Out in the distance, a nearly-full moon shines down on the rolling landscape.  On the back of his leather jacket are six crossed spears (swords).  This perfectly captures the idea of moving forward towards the unknown, hoping to find a place of greater calm.

Last week brought me a greater sense of purpose again.  I made the choice to get on with my essays because I don't want to still be stuck in this place of deadlines and other people's requirements.  Today I see my therapist again, and I wonder whether our session will help me find greater clarity about where I am headed after this last bit of essay craziness is resolved...

I am grateful to once again see the road ahead of me.

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