Friday, 25 November 2011


Right from the get-go I want you to know, I am in no way affiliated with any of the websites or products I am going to rave about today.  They're just lovely things, and talented people, so I wanted to "Share the Love". 

Today, my soapbox is both literal and metaphorical.  Last week, I ordered some soaps from the amazing Kismet's Companion.  They arrived in this box:

These soaps are delightful!  They are prettily packaged, look gorgeous (you'll have to check out her pages to see what they look like, as these are gifts and not getting unwrapped), smell delicious and work a treat.  Reason I know?  I ordered some as gifts last year, too, and a small slice was included as a freebie.  I've been using it ever since :)

I felt a little disappointed, though, when I read yesterday that Kismet's Companion and another of my favourite retailer's, Ania M, were offering a "Share the Love" promotion, where if you buy from one, you get a discount from the other.  I adore Ania M's tarot bags, and have quite a few.  Here are some, at least one of which you won't find on her site, as it was custom made for me!

However, these ladies being the compassionate people that they are, after I caved and ordered another couple of bags from Ania, KC refunded me the discount I would have got from her if I'd bought yesterday instead of last week.  How cool is that!!  Together, they look like this:

I have to say, I like this bag even better, because of the frill and inner lining.  Although not all the bags on Ania's site offer this option, if you include a message to say you want it, she will custom make any bag with the extra, though it does bump the price up a little.  Still, I think it's really worth it. 

And just to add in another of my favourite UK-based lovelies, the deck inside that bag is the Tarot of the Sidhe, by Emily Carding.  It is the semi-trimmed version - sides removed - rather than the fully trimmed version I blogged about here.

So, that's my sharing for the day.  And who knows, one of those soaps may make its way into my Yule Yoga Giveaway.  If you haven't yet taken part, you have til the 6th of December...


  1. I'm so confused; I thought I had commented on this! How could I not? I'm a HUGE soap fan!! I love it to pieces. Hope your friends love their soap gifts. The bags are marvelous, too. I need a couple bags--I'll have to consider that as a place to get them.

    Anyway. The best of luck in tying up all of the crazy loose ends and finishing your essay for December's deadline. I hope all goes as smoothly as possible.

    Hugs to you,

  2. Lovely products, thanks for sharing! ^__^

  3. Hi MM,

    Yes, I remember your rave reviews of Epically Epic :) I know both Viv and Ania will post anywhere... Another option for bags is Tarot Totes - I especially love their velcro-close cases. Less traditional, but they work really well.

    Thanks for the well-wishes for December, I'll keep you up-dated on how things go :)

    Hi Helen,

    I always like word-of-mouth referrals. There's so much out there on the interwebs, it's nice to have a recommendation from a real person ;)

    Hugs to you both,