Monday, 28 November 2011

Sowing the Seed

It's time to get on with things, according to today's card from the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

In this Ace of Pentacles, a little green fairy sits on a harvest wreath holding a large pentacle decorated with an ear of corn.  All about are bright red flowers, green grass, and some earth with more pentacles scattered like seeds. 

To me, this card speaks of sowing a seed, making a start on some project to do with finances or the material.  Investing in the future!  That could be starting a new diet or exercise regime, applying for a job, or starting up a new business. 

It's strange, and yet not, for this card to come up today.  It is the last day of my Masters - an end after two years of hard work.  And yet, not so strange, as this marks the start of a new phase on this journey towards a change of profession.  There's still a long distance to where I hope to go - I need to finish my last essay in the next two weeks, continue seeing clients, and start work on my dissertation.  Still, it's good to acknowledge what I have achieved so far, and to also recognise that this marks a new beginning.

I am grateful for the reminder to give thanks for what is over and look forward to what is still to come.


  1. LoS and their pentacles...they have a blind spot about using pents as a descriptor when there is no reason for it.
    This appears to be a cheerful deck. That fairy reminds me of the art from the Fey.
    Congratulations on getting this far, to the very cusp of your goal, great job!

  2. I really dig this version of the Ace of Pentacles, particularly for this time of year. It feels festive with all the color and bows and such. Very holiday-ish. The coins on the ground look like tree ornaments. The woman looks like a Christmas elf/fairy. Even the red flowers (although I know they're poppies) look like poinsettias.

    I hope this promises wonderful earthly treasures of all sorts for you!


  3. Hi Sharyn,

    Thanks for the congratulations. And hopefully in a couple of weeks time I'll really deserve them, when I get my last essay handed in. I see what you mean about the similarities with the Fey Tarot - another absolute favourite of mine!

    Hi MM,

    Ha, I hadn't seen the Yule/Christmas association, but now you say it... ;b Wishing you wonderful treasures, too.