Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hmm, Iowan's Tarot has served up two swords cards in a row.  I guess it's trying to communicate something :b

In this version of the Seven of Spears (Swords) I see a woman with five spears held in one hand, and a further two forming a cross at her feet, slightly behind her.  She stands before a thick fence that separates her from a town.  Her feet point away from the fence, while her gaze travels to the town beyond.

This feels very different to traditional Seven of Swords images where we see someone sneaking away with swords/ideas/bounty.  She stands proud, rather than looking sneaky.  While the keyword "trespass" is more closely aligned with the traditional perspective, what I see in the image itself is very different.  There is a sense that she has a lot of ideas, but is being kept away from others by some kind of blockage.  Perhaps she feels unwelcome.  Certainly, the keyword "trespass" can also be taken to suggest that she would be seen as an interloper.  This resonates with the experience of many minority groups, feeling excluded from mainstream society.  While I see a certain wistfulness in her gaze and pose, I also read a sense of determination and having the resources she needs to take her own path.

Today I see clients, who may well feel this way - cut off from the joys of regular society through their experience and pain.  Furthermore, today I hope to start writing the last of my essays, having finished one on Sunday and another yesterday (yay me!)  I hope to bring a challenging perspective, looking in from the outside, so to speak.

I am grateful for having plenty of ideas to work with, and not needing to conform to others' prescriptions.

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