Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tripping Over Your Own Feet

Today's card from the Joie de Vivre Tarot had me stumped for a bit.

I normally think of the Page of Coins (Pentacles) as being a very stable chap.  Still learning, but quite intent, it is a card I often associate with yoga - that sense of learning something both physical and spiritual.  Here, though, we have an octopus-y character - hinting at cups/water - standing on a tree branch reaching for a sunny pentacle - wands/fire - with various bizarre fish/rabbit/slug creatures floating around him - swords/air.  Or maybe it's all underwater, though that isn't obvious from the colour scheme.  Either way, where is the pentacle-y earth energy?

Where I see a link to more traditional notions of what the Page of Coins represents is in the idea that he is reaching for something physical/spiritual, and that perhaps he needs to learn and understand his own physicality in order to be able to do this.  The very fact of how ungrounded he is points to where his future learning lies.  I can easily imagine him taking a spill, but getting up and trying again.  There may also be an element of the message/messenger here - the pentacle shining in the sky as a beacon.  The Page as the one who brings that beacon's message to us.  Perhaps the weird creatures are there simply to remind us that we must be playful in our learning.  Or as a dire warning of what can happen if you are not clear with your physical boundaries :)

How does this card relate to my day?  Well, once again it falls on a day when I've planned in a longer yoga practice.  Other than that, today I see both my personal therapist and also a family therapist - plenty of learning opportunities and perhaps a chance to acknowledge areas where I feel my boundaries could do with some bolstering - I'm not great at discipline, which Big Boy needs as otherwise he can hurt himself and others.

I am grateful for the many chances life offers me to learn, on so many levels.


  1. This is funny. I like this guy. I think he would be more like what I would look like while learning--not sure about my steps, sort of dorky and nervous, eager (assuming I like the subject).

    I hope all of your day's opportunities go well and you don't feel like you have a mess of tangled tentacles!!

    Huge Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Thanks for your comment, it gave me a new perspective. I think I'm so used to being fairly balanced and adept at learning physical things after years of yoga that I forget that nervous, eager, somewhat clumsy side.

    You reminded me of a time five years ago when my Dear One and I decided to try cross-country skiing for the first (and probably last) time. Everyone else made it look easy, but after strapping on the super-thin skis we tried to head out and both promptly fell over! We gave it a go for a little while, but just couldn't get our movements co-ordinated. We probably should have tried with a teacher, but we had so little time out in the snow that we chose to just go back to what we knew. Huh, no sense of adventure ;)

    My day was pretty productive in the end. Hope your day went well, too.