Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wondrous Winged Lion

Well, the Joie de Vivre Tarot (U.S. Games, 2011) is certainly introducing itself with a bang!

For this second draw, I am greeted by Strength.  A lion with wings and a heart-tipped tail stands on a tree branch, allowing a winged, flower-crowned woman to pet him.  The lion, with dainty little fangs showing, seems to be leaning into the woman's caress and yet I'm unsure whether his gaze is loving or predatory.  And perhaps that's as it should be: if the lion were completely tame, he would not hold up his side of the Strength equation! 

He is all fiery energy, from his colours to his sun pendant, physically powerful and driven by his urges.  Meanwhile she is calm and light, with a moon-like face and a crescent moon on her dress, reflective and nurturing.  Acknowledging both aspects of our nature, and the spectrum in between, allows us to tap into our full potential, our strength.

Today we're planning a family walk in the autumnal sunshine.  Perhaps I'll need to tap into my strength as we work on boundaries with Big Boy...

I am grateful for the acknowledgement that I don't just have to behave in one way all the time, that I can be a mutlitfaceted person and still be me.


  1. Love the images as images, but have to wonder, where is the Tarot with a capital T...looking forward to the rest of your week with this deck.

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    I'm interested: for you, what defines Tarot with a capital T? I think these images have plenty of symbolism, for example in this card they add in the juxtaposition of solar and lunar energy, which adds an interesting dimension. And it still has the traditional woman/lion metaphor. I know you enjoy some light-hearted decks, and some non-traditional decks. So, what do you feel this deck lacks?

    In curiousity,

  3. show me some more cards.
    So far it's all hearts and wings and air. I need some meat :)

    I'm ok with light decks although I can't think of any I own at the moment.

    On the other hand it is probably just where "I" am, I'm making sludge out of whatever deck I'm using lately. Lord knows how grey I could make this poor deck :)

  4. Hiya Sharyn,

    I'm wondering what your take on it is now, after several more cards... And perhaps you're in a somewhat different place, too? Your post yesterday seemed more positive - or perhaps it's just too hard to make the Ace of Cups negative ;)

    Best wishes,