Friday, 4 November 2011

Yule Yoga Giveaway!

As we head towards the holiday season, I feel it would be nice to run another giveaway.  This time the prize is mainly yoga-related, because I like alliteration ;)

So, what's up for grabs?  A yoga book by a teacher I deeply respect (I took two teacher trainings with him), a DVD by another excellent teacher (which is appropriate for any level, beginner to advanced), and a tarot deck, just because :)

I'll do the draw on Sankt Nikolaus - the sixth of December - so hopefully there will be time enough for postage to wherever before Yule/Christmas/Hannukah.  To take part in the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this thread saying what you like best about yoga...


  1. I like that it is something that people of all fitness levels can do fairly easily, and it helps the mind, body and spirit simultaneously. I definitely want to start doing yoga again. A week or two ago I bought some grippy yoga socks so I'm planning on doing yoga indoors for the cold months!


  2. I never tried yoga but would love to go a class sometime. Well, I picked up a few exercises to strech out my back and that is nice :-D

  3. What a lovely giveaway. Synchronmoneously, if that's a word 8) I am attending an all day yoga retreat class tomorrow in Hemingford, Canada and am so looking forward to it. Haven't done it in years and this full day's worth of immersion will help me to reconnect with that strength and grace. Jane

  4. Hi MM,

    Ooh, grippy yoga socks, never heard of those before. I generally try to practice somewhere not too cold (though not Bikram levels of hot either), but I know we don't always have that much control of our environment :( Thanks for joining in :)

    Hi Jema,

    I adore yoga, it's well worth giving it a go. If you have back issues, it's good to take it easy, and perhaps go to a class with a good teacher so you don't push yourself too much. It's still possible to hurt yourself with yoga (well, you can hurt yourself just walking across your living room, it's all about mindfulness in the end). Anyhow, welcome to the giveaway :)

    Hi Jane,

    Wow, hope you have a lovely time at the retreat. I haven't been on a retreat in far too long, but maybe when Big Boy is a bit bigger... Hope you have a lovely time, and you're in the list :)

  5. Gosh that is a very generous giveaway and since I have an interest in yoga, I'll add my two cents and say what I like best is the feeling after a session, and studying the Yoga Sutras. I look forward to actually travelling to India one day to immerse myself in it :) Blessings. Monica

  6. How synchronous, I was just reading your blog, Monica, and then popped over to check my Inner Whispers email and saw you'd been here ;) Ha, I enjoy both of those aspects, too. However, I've never felt drawn to travel to India - it scares me a little, to be honest. And some of the teachers there are a bit too traditionalist for me, steeped in the guru tradition where questioning and seeking alternate understanding isn't always encouraged. Still, I'm sure there are also some amazing teachers, and many lessons to be learned. Perhaps in another lifetime... For now, though, I shall add you to the list of giveaway names, good luck :)

  7. i like that it makes me feel less like a chicken with its head cut off and more like a real, breathing, feeling human being.

  8. Ha, definitely know the headless chicken syndrome, Lisa :) Good luck!

  9. Yoga takes all of the sharp edges off of my life, while making me feel whole, like all of my body parts - bones, muscles, joints, ligaments - have been reintroduced to each other after many years of being apart - it's hard to explain just how delicious it feels.

  10. Hi Deanne,

    That's a beautifully poetic way of putting it :) Thanks for joining in!

  11. I always thought yoga was relaxing until I did a course in it, lol. I still do some of the exercises. I always enjoy the feelings of laying on my back and doing the twists. Do you own the Yoga Tarot, out of interest?


  12. Hi PLN,

    Ha, when I read "I always enjoy the feelings of laying on my back" I thought you were going to say Savasana (corpse pose/relaxation) was your favourite bit ;D

    As for the Yoga Tarot, yes indeed. I've been planning to use it on here, but I haven't yet decided quite how to. Perhaps as a weekly yoga pose...

    Good luck in the draw :)

  13. What a nice idea. Yoga is what makes it possible for me to get out of bed--it's the only thing that works with a lower back injury.

  14. Hi Vestalshaman,

    Thanks for joining in. Glad yoga is such a positive force in your life :)

  15. Thanks, Chloe! Downward dog rules.

  16. Chloë! My first post got eaten by stupid Blogger, so now I am posting again!

    My first experience with Yoga was not very good. I had a teacher who was a bit orthodox, and didn't realize that people have different body structures that sometimes take time to adapt. I was born with turn out legs - that's how my femurs are inserted in my hip joint, so it's not something that will ever become normal - but of course, careful working can help me to adapt my muscles so my legs will be in the right position.

    But that teacher didn't see that, he didn't care I think, so whenever I was doing some asanas that made it difficult for me to correct the position of my feet, he'd come and forcefully try to correct them. It made me self-conscious because obvious I was doing all wrong, so I gave up Yoga.

    Recently, because of my job in front of the computer (everyone here at work has at least one kind of RSI), I started practicing Pilates with a very good physiotherapist. As my body became stronger and more flexible, I started looking for alternatives to make the exercise not only good for my body, but also for my mind and spirit. Then I stumbled upon Yoga again.

    I have not intention of becoming a Yoga master, but I am grateful for this opportunity of seeing it under a new light. I am teaching myself using books and pictures, and I am trying to respect my own limits like my teacher could not. I am trying to learn from them instead of being angry with myself.

    For now I only know some basic asanas, and I am still learning the pranayama, but the process is wonderful. And Yoga and Pilates complement each other very well. :-)

    Thank you for this give away, and for listening to my story!

  17. Hi Marina,

    Sorry to hear about your negative first experience. I have a bug bear about this kind of teacher. For years I was told I should stand with my big toes together and I now have a twisted leg bone and chronic shin splints (the latter also due to excessive aerobics). I am trained as both a yoga and pilates teacher, and have put some emphasis on anatomy. I still like to take classes, but if a teacher tells me to do something I know is wrong for me I just calmly say "No". If they want to discuss it I'm happy to, but none ever has - says something about them, too!

    A great source on the anatomy of yoga is Paul Grilley, though he is sometimes a bit repetitive. Still, he puts across anatomical messages in very down-to-earth, practical and visible ways.

    Glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself while learning and stretching :)

  18. I haven't been practicing yoga for the past 3 months and I really miss it. I love that there are many different types/styles. I really enjoyed how much more focused and grounded it made me feel. Three of the instructors at the gym I used to go to were so passionate about it. One style helped me with strength and conditioning and physical rehab and the others were more spiritual. I just felt... lighter, more like I was inside myself and not my mind and energy running all spazzed out, yet more energized.

  19. Hiya VK,

    That is beautifully described! Having had back trouble, I'm glad the yoga has helped. And good luck in the draw :)

  20. I love yoga!
    Been practicing for almost 4 years now. I love that it has given me confidence in my body. I feel better about myself, and that is priceless! Also: Savasana. Yes. Love. :)

  21. I was just looking at yoga videos at the library the other day! My kids do yoga on the Wii. :) I remember taking a yoga class in NYC once and I left walking tall, feeling so wonderful, so refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful. It was like that was how my body was *supposed* to feel, naturally. Thanks for the reminder, I really do need to make more time for it on a regular basis. When I returned home from the hospital stay with my son recently, my neck/back was really painful for about a week. I started doing yoga exercises for about 5-10 minutes a night, and within a few days, the pain was entirely gone! Silly, isn't it, that there are so many benefits to it, but most of us don't make the time to do it enough. Again, thank you for the reminder, and the lovely giveaway! ♥

  22. What a lovely giveaway! I work part-time as an elder care advocate. I started noticing that physical therapists are working with people in their 80s and 90s, teaching gentle yoga stretches to be done before they pop out of bed in the morning. My clients say it has made the biggest difference in their pain levels and balance. I have been lazy about my yoga practice and now motivated by my elderly clients.

  23. Hi Johanne, Kiki, and Maggie,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, and your joys!

    Johanne: I was wondering when someone would say they love Savasana :)

    Kiki: glad you found yoga a help after your recent ordeal. I'd bet that it wasn't just a physical relief, either, that often a neck ache is about stuff we're holding. Taking time for yourself, and to let go of emotional stress, is beneficial on so many levels!

    Maggie: during one of my trainings I bunked with a woman who specialised in yoga for the elderly, and she said much the same. It's sometimes hard to persuade older people that yoga isn't some strange cult (I heard one remark that she didn't "believe" in yoga, like it was a religion), but there are so many benefits. I guess it helps if it's an official physio advancing it...

    Welcome on board, and I'll let you all know the draw results tomorrow :)