Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Adventurer

The Journey Oracle shows its Steampunk side today, with this adventurous card.

The Adventurer looks ready and willing to head off and explore the world.  Whether floating off in a hot air balloon, firing up the engine of a small plane, or jetting off planet in her spaceship, it is having a spirit for new exploits and discoveries that leads her onward.

Sometimes, though, we don't have to leave our own homes, instead exploring ourselves - body, mind or spirit.  We can take our body on an adventure by trying out a new yoga pose, or new hair colour.  Our mind can explore new ideas, or its own boundaries.  Meanwhile, our spirit can journey to other dimensions, be uplifted in prayer, chant or meditation, or melt into the flow of the universe.

As for me, I'm unsure what the day ahead holds.  Perhaps a yoga practice, maybe a walk on the local heath, certainly some food, but salad, sandwich or soup, I don't yet know.  Go on, call me an adventurer :)

I am grateful for the excitement of life and all its possibilities.


  1. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck, though there are so many! Right now I have the Queen of Hearts in a frame on my bookshelf. :) Hope you enjoyed your adventure!

  2. Hi Kiki,

    It is a beautiful deck, isn't it? Thanks for introducing me to it ;D

    As for adventure, it was on a very minor scale - a nice walk with family. Didn't know where we'd go when we set out, just followed our noses, so to speak. Hope you had a good weekend, too!

  3. So glad I was able to enable. :) And minor adventures can be just as lovely as grand ones!