Friday, 30 December 2011

Arwen's Wind of Change Spread

Recently, Arwen (of Tarot by Arwen) was inspired to create a spread based on a Chinese proverb.  I thought it sounded like the perfect thing for a quick reading on the year to come.  So, I decided to give it a whirl with the beautiful Crystal Visions Tarot.

The positions are:

1) What wind of change is blowing my way? 

In this position, I drew the Ace of Swords.  Wow, this is definitely about change!  Just look at those clouds blowing about, the butterflies flying, and the roses growing around the ruby-encrusted sword with an eagle-winged pommel.  A new idea that has the potential to transform the way I see things, the start of a new way of communicating. 

I see in this the fact that I have now finished the taught part of my Masters.  From now on, I have to take the lead myself, getting to work on my dissertation.  I will also be continuing on seeing clients, hopefully bringing new insights into how I work with them.

I wonder, too, on a more personal level whether this is about the way I communicate with those in my life.  This is something I've been discussing a fair bit in therapy, and which came up for me quite strongly over Christmas.  Hmm, not so keen on that, but then, it isn't just about what I want or feel comfortable with...

2) What wall do I create to block change?  I love how Arwen described this as us having a "stubborn, inner donkey moment" :D 

My card for this is the Four of Cups.  I notice the waning moon behind her, and think part of how I block change is to do with not wanting to let go of things, even if they aren't what I want.  That old "better the Devil you know" thing... 

The woman looks almost like a mermaid, with her dress trailing into the water as she contemplates a lotus blossom in a cup.  I take this as saying that I block change by getting trapped in self-reflection rather than action.

3) What is my windmill?  Arwen describes this as our most adaptable, creative self...

This is a lovely version of the Seven of Wands, full of dynamism and action.  A man sits astride a dragon, with a shield protecting him.  He wields a crystal-topped wand against the onslaught of six more fiery wands.  I notice the rock the man and the dragon use as a high point, and the way its shape echoes the Ace of Swords. 

My most adaptable self, then, is effervescent and willing to fight for ideas.  In terms of my dissertation, this makes me think of a willingness to present my case with passion and determination.  The dragon also speaks of relying on the wisdom of others, perhaps through reading up on a subject, as well as potentially with my dissertation advisor, once one is appointed.

In other areas of life, too, bringing a bit more vigour and enthusiasm certainly seems like an antidote to the passivity reflected in the Four of Cups.  I guess one of the issues I see is that it's hard to be enthusiastic unless it's for something I care about.  And that brings me full circle to the Ace of Swords: I need something new in my life, an idea that I care about and will work for.

Well, it will be interesting to see how 2012 goes.  I will try to remember to focus on what I can do, rather than over-thinking things.  How about you, what do you hope for from the year to come?


  1. Looking at this with fuzzy eyes, I see color and intensity and BAM on the right while the left is muted, dulled and diminished. :) Definitely go for the fire. :)

  2. Hmm, the "fuzzy-eye" interpretation method - I like it ;) Thanks for another lovely spread, Arwen!

  3. Some day I'll do a post on my "fuzzy eye" interps. LOL Happy New Year, dear!

  4. Happy New Year to you, too, Arwen! :)

  5. What a lovely reading Chloe and you have made me really want this deck. I will have to try this reading. I have got to learn to embrace change and maybe this spread will help me to do so.

  6. Just revisting this. How are you? :D Guess I need to look at what mine said as well, huh!

  7. Hi Arwen,

    Thanks for coming back to this, I'd kind of forgotten, but it's interesting to revisit! I've done nothing on my dissertation, but I still feel that the new idea and the fiery defense are spot on. I've recently been involved in a new idea, part of which has required me to decide if I'm willing to stand up and "speak my truth" no matter what! And I have :)

    I'm still doing a fair bit of holding onto things and introspecting, but that came up in a reading for me just yesterday - don't just "let go" (Death), actually move towards something new (Judgement).

    Will pop over and have a look at yours :D

    1. I guess we know now what this was pointing to, Miss I'm-Publishing-a-Lennie-Deck, Teach-Classes-and-Have-Another-Idea-Up-My-Sleeve-So-I'm-Learning-Photoshop! :D x

    2. Ha ha, Carla. None of that appeared on the horizon until well into the second half of the year - wasn't even on my radar when I did this post! Still, it was certainly a new idea that I had to fight for, and not let myself get sucked into "Oh, should I do this or not?" :D