Friday, 23 December 2011

As Light As A Feather

For my final draw with the Cat's Eye Tarot, the Ace of Swords has come out to play.

In this deck, all the Aces show a cat's paw reaching out to a symbol of the suit's element.  Here, a dainty siamese paw stretches to catch a loose feather from a white cockatoo.  The cockatoo looks on from its window-side perch with some trepidation. 

A feather, like an idea, can be hard to get ahold of: it can easily float away, eluding our grasp.  Likewise, our words often tumble about, skittering here and there despite our best intentions.  And the truth, well, does it even exist as a single thing?  Or, like a feather, is it made up of many other smaller bits?  And, if looked at in one light it may seem one way, while if seen from another direction it may take on a totally different?

Words and ideas aren't always innocent, either.  Even if they are not ill-intentioned, someone else may see them that way, just as the cockatoo here may see the cat's playful batting of a floating feather as a potential threat.

Several months ago, I alienated someone I like and respect through ill-chosen words.  Now, I may have the chance to put that right.  However, it's a delicate situation, and this card reminds me that I need a light touch.  I hope, though, that this card heralds that opportunity, and see it advising me to reach out.

I am grateful for the encouragement to try to right a wrong.   


  1. what a powerful post Chloe. Really deep insight on the meaning of this card in the context of this imagery. It takes a big person to admit fault and take time to figure out the best approach to right a wrong and see things from another's perspective. I will be praying for healing in this situation and that all goes well. Happy Holidays

  2. Hi VK,

    Thanks for your prayers for healing, I have my fingers crossed, too :) I love the way different takes on the cards can trigger other perspectives and insights - thanks, Cat's Eye Tarot ;)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and festive season,