Thursday, 8 December 2011


While the colours are girly, and the sentiments are fairly New Age/Spiritual, some of the cards of the Journey Oracle are quite challenging, and open to multiple interpretations.  At least, I find that the case with today's card.

Like the bionic woman, with a mechanical eye and arm, this Beauty has been altered, improved?  Some might see her as being ugly and deformed, but others would see her as stronger, more able, gifted even.  I note, too, her clothes, which seem to be made of metal - armour to protect her, or another sign of things that are unnatural?

While the companion book talks of appreciating our own inner beauty, I am left with the question of whether she chose these changes, or whether they were imposed on her.  Either way, appreciating our inner core is clearly relevant, but how easy or hard that is may vary greatly.

Today I go to Big Boy's Annual Care Plan Review.  All the staff and therapists who work with him will be there, and we discuss how he's doing and what provisions need to be put in place for him for the year to come, to help him make the most of education and life.  This includes talking about the various pieces of equipment he uses, and what other things he may need, both at school and at home.  I am reminded by this card not to let all the technicalities stop me from seeing him for himself, a small boy with a ready smile.

I am grateful for the technology that helps improve our lives, and for the reminder that we are more than that alone.


  1. this is my favorite card so far that I've seen from this deck.
    I pray all went well for you and Big Boy at your appointments.

  2. Hi VK,

    It is quite a strong, somewhat challenging yet lovely image, isn't it? Thanks, all went well - everyone is very pleased with his progress, including his proud mum :)

  3. yes, I'm not really sure of exactly what it is saying to me, but I am totally drawn to it.
    I'm so glad to hear :-)
    And thanks for the hugs the other day. All is well now, but I did learn a few things. The hard way (typical Capricorn lol)

  4. Hi VK,

    Hmm, maybe you'll have to do a post on this card, to get in touch with what its message for you is?

    As for the hugs, you're most welcome :) Sorry you had to take the knocks, but as you say, it's all a learning experience.

    Wishing you a great weekend,