Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blending In

This week we see the change from 2011 to 2012.  So, I decided to draw from the Tarot of Metamorphosis (Lo Scarabeo, 2005) which is all about change and transitions.  It's a fairly non-traditional deck, a strange fantasy/sci-fi hybrid which is quite surreal.

On this New Year's Eve, the card I pulled is the Two of Wands.  Rather than someone contemplating the world from on high, here we have a rather gentle-looking swamp man.  Flowers, grass and foliage grow from his hands and hair.  An iguana sits on his head, looking rather worried, while a hummingbird sups from a flower growing from his left index finger.  His expression is beatific: calm and meditative.

What I see here is a suggestion to examine what is around us and how we fit into the world.  A reminder, too, that no man is an island: we are always part of the web of life, connected to the other beings on this planet.

Today we are planning a mellow day, with perhaps a walk on the local heath.  I'm highly unlikely to see in the New Year - Big Boy gets up far too early for me to stay up that late :(  In this card, I see the suggestion to take time to think about my life and intentions rather than it referring to anything specifically going on.  How about you, what plans do you have for the New Year?

I am grateful for the web of support that sustains me, and which I also contribute to.


  1. Well that's a new version for the 2 of Wands! I'm inclined to add this deck to my collection, since I have a thing for odd/unusual interpretations...

    Well I totally understand your early night intentions :) Personally it will be rather subdued where I am, since I don't know that many people, plus I'm in a small town. In any case, Happy New Year :)

  2. Hi Monica,

    Yes, this is a very different kind of deck. If you like the artwork, it's certainly worthwhile. For an oddball approach, I think I prefer the Law of Attraction Tarot, but that may change by the end of the week :)

    Hope you enjoy the New Year, even if it is quiet. My favourite New Year's were when I lived in Spain and a close friend and I would celebrate with her family and do lots of little rituals. The Spanish eat twelve grapes with the twelve chimes of the clock in the Puerta del Sol, one for good luck in each of the months to come. And we used to stand in tree pose, with our left legs up, so that we'd start the year "on the right foot" :D

    Happy New Year to you, however you celebrate it!

  3. Actually, I think the creature on his head is a chameleon...

    I love this card and will have to explore the rest of the deck. I like oddball approaches.

  4. Hi Woley,

    I did wonder if it was a chameleon, but my botany isn't too great... Hope you enjoy what you see the rest of the week.

  5. What a strange and cool card! I don't know if I'm alone in this, but the man looks like Vincent Price to me. Don't you think?

    I hope you have a wonderful new year's. Wish I could be there to hang out with you (we were also up early this morning--that's been happening a lot lately again and we aren't sure why...blarghhghghgh)


  6. Hi MM,

    Yeah, I can see what you mean about Vincent Price, though it wouldn't have jumped out at me. Wonder what that would add to your interpretation of this card ;)

    Sorry to hear you've been up early a lot, too. Still, hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    *See* you in 2012 ;D