Monday, 12 December 2011

Borne Along By Emotion

Today's card from the Whispering Tarot is another Court card, the King of Cups.

In contrast to yesterday's Queen, this chap isn't even getting a toe wet.  Borne along by undine's this King travels safely in his boat.  Two swans fan their wings behind him - perhaps part of the boat, perhaps real birds.  On his head, a shell-like crown, and in his raised left hand a golden cup.  His clothes are green, with a yellow over-tunic.

This feels like a good depiction of the King of Cups: he controls sentiment rather than being controlled by it.  He hears the call of emotion, but can rise above it.  He is guided by it, without being overwhelmed.

Today I hope for a mellow day with my Dear One and my brother, with Big Boy at school.  We plan a long walk, and a curry in the evening.  Perhaps this card is to do with spending time with my brother.  He's going through a lot of soul-searching at the moment.  I hope I can stay calm and balanced in the face of his uncertainty, helping rather than aggravating things.  Perhaps, too, I need to guard my emotions - he's in a delicate enough place without having to deal with my stuff.

I am grateful for moments of equanimity.


  1. I like that interpretation. I have drawn this king today. I also love the women in the waves. They're beautiful. Enjoy your walk and curry!

  2. Hi PLN,

    I look forward to reading what you make of the King of Cups today :) I shall certainly enjoy the walk and curry, hope you have a good day, too!


  3. Hi Chloë!

    These cards are gorgeous! For me, to get "couple" of courts in one reading (or in a short amount of time, such as your daily readings) is very interesting, because it means you are finding a balance. The Kings and Queens usually complement each other well.

    A friend of mine (a male) sees the King of Cups as controlling completely your emotions. I see the King of Cups as control, yes, but sometimes at the cost of experimenting your own emotions. Often the King of Cups does not touch the water... he controls his emotions but detaching himself from them a bit. Sometimes it's just what you need... other times, you need to be more Queen of Cups.

    But from your last two readings, I'd say you are finding a balance! :-)

  4. Hi Marina,

    I like that take on the cards coming up one after the other! I've often seen the King as a bit too controlling of emotion, but sometimes that's important to be able to do...

    Hope you're finding a good balance for yourself, too :)

  5. This deck is really neato. The hidden people in the waves also gets my vote as super cool. And, as always, it's great to see various perspectives on court cards, since they tend to be the hardest to interpret a lot of the time!

  6. Hi MM,

    I know what you mean about Court cards. I rather like them these days, and am planning to do the materials for a workshop on reading Court Cards :D