Thursday, 22 December 2011

Calm Alertness

The Cat's Eye Tarot is certainly giving us the opportunity to look at quite a few Court cards, which many find the hardest to read in any deck.  Good practice, then :)

A young male tabby cat lies in the grass, looking relaxed but alert.  He isn't ready to pounce or swipe, to hunt or chase, to prowl or stalk.  In fact, he doesn't look like he's doing much of anything except enjoying the day, the soft grass under him, and the entertainment offered by watching life go by.  A far less dynamic energy than the other Knights, then, but still very aware and engaged.  He is on the ground, representing the Pentacles connection to the element of earth, and his colouring shows this, too.   He may not be about to leap into action, yet there is a feeling of preparation here.  He's not just taking it easy, but looks like he's checking out the situation so that when he does decide to act he'll have everything under control. 

This the kind of methodicalness I associate with the Knight of Pentacles.  He's not the romantic type to sweep you off your feet like the Knight of Cups, nor the charming, passionate firecracker who leaps in feet first like the Knight of Wands, nor the hot-headed, intelligent and scheming Swords Knight.  He's more of the "slow but steady wins the race" type, who may not seem as exciting as the others, but who still has a lot to recommend him.  Determined, loyal and methodical, he is likely to achieve what he sets out to do, and is a good friend to have.

There are a couple of things today where I could do with some of this energy, which is not one that necessarily comes easily to me.  I still have some Christmas shopping to do (eek), which I need to buckle down to.  And this afternoon Big Boy has another doctor's appointment.  It's not one where I expect anything much, more of a checking on how things have been going type of thing.  We have to keep plodding on with these appointments as they rule out one issue or another, try out one medicine or another, consider one procedure or another.  Lots of variables, and so I don't expect any results or answers.  Still, it sometimes feels like a waste of time.  So, I have to remind myself that it's part of a process that we just have to get through - determination and steadfastness, very Knight of Pentacles.

I am grateful for the reminder to keep my focus on long term goals.

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