Monday, 19 December 2011


Another Swords Court card wants to have its say today.  The Knight of Swords from the Cat's Eye Tarot is full of attitude.

An elegant siamese, his mouth is open to hiss or yowl at whatever poor unfortunate has aroused his wrath.  At any moment he might turn and pounce, or just take a swipe with a seemingly dainty paw that hides strong, sharp claws.  Woe betide any bird who comes to taunt him, for he is agile and fast, willing to take risks in pursuit of his goal.  He won't just defend his territory, but is also quick to go on the offence.  He stands on a wooden deck, with a view out over the surrounding landscape - a good vantage point.

I have several situations today where I need to be diplomatic.  So, for me, I think this card is actually about what to beware of.  I can sometimes slip into this kind of energy, but that's not always very productive.  Rather than snapping at someone, or expecting them to have the necessary information and be able to apply it quickly and effectively, I shall try to be calm and patient, to communicate clearly yet gently.

I am grateful that I can choose not to express all my thoughts and criticisms.  I am grateful for the reminder to think and express myself positively.


  1. "I am grateful that I can choose not to express all my thoughts and criticisms." I completely agree! I have said before that if my family knew every thought I had in my head, they would sleep with their doors locked at night! lol!
    This deck has so much more depth than I thought it would; I've really enjoyed seeing the cards on your blog and reading your thoughts about each one.

  2. Hi TST,

    Yes, any sci-fi stories of people with telepathy also have to include being able to build a wall, or having a hive-type mentality. Otherwise there'd be pandemonium :)

    I'm really enjoying this deck, too. Not so much overt symbolism, but it still has plenty to say!

  3. A few years ago I learned the difference between being honest and truthful, and just plain cruel. I'd thought that it was kindest and best to be 100% honest in a relationship, and to seek the same back. But too much honesty caused terrible pain and ultimately heartbreak. When I see the Knight of Swords I'm reminded of this idea that honesty can be a wondeful think, but, like a sword, can be wielded badly or for ill-purpose. I think you're spot on in leaving us with the idea of communicating clearly but gently.

    Also - this is a great deck! Do you actually OWN all of these decks Chloe?!

  4. Hi LR,

    That sounds like a pretty tough lesson! I'm glad that you can look back on it with such insight now, though I'd guess that was hard-won.

    It is a great deck, isn't it! As for your question, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't eat chocolate or take drugs. My one vice is decks. So, I figure that what I save on nights out at the pub more than makes up for my tarot addiction. And I know a fair few people who have far more extensive collections than I do! Those are my excuses, and I'm sticking to them ;)

  5. Just had to dig my way back to this post to make sure you'd seen that over on TABI Ali is looking to do a group order of this deck, so if you don't own it already (although I'm guesing that you snapped it up the moment it came out!! Looks like it was only published very recently) you can grab it there.

    Also, how pure are you! I'm afraid I smoke (just a bit..), drink (hmm, rather a lot), eat chocolate and have been known to mess around with illegal things...and on top of my sinful lifestyle I still love buying tarot decks! Not as many as you though, to be fair I only have a very small collection...!

  6. Hi LR,

    Well, have to admit I've fallen off the chocolate wagon a bit over Christmas - I'd gone nearly a whole year without eating any! And I used to do a few illegal things in my younger years... ;)

    Yes, I was part of the original Cat's Eye Tarot group order through TABI. It meant I had to wait longer, having cancelled the pre-order I had through amazon, but the deck was only £10 - bargain! And the thing about collections is, they tend to grow :D