Thursday, 1 December 2011

Deeply Dippy

Wow, what a change from yesterday's knight!  Today the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo 2011) offers up the Knight of Chalices.

With a rather goofy smile he sits calmly atop his white horse, with butterflies flitting around him and daffodils at his feet.  His horse has a very simple leather bridle, and a lilac saddle blanket with the rund for spring under a simple leather saddle.  As for his clothes, no armour here!  Instead he wears a yellow lilac and purple outfit and looks ready for a party rather than a battle.  He holds out a large chalice towards us, and his long blond hair flows over his shoulder.  I can imagine him pulling out some instrument and bursting into song at any moment, serenading his love.  The song that echoes in my head is Deeply Dippy :D  I'd never seen the video before, and funnily enough some of their shirts are not far off this Knight's for colourfulness and foppishness!

Well, my Dear One is out tonight, so I don't see much romance for me today.  Instead, perhaps this card indicates a change of perspective - that I will start to see life in a more positive light, feeling hopeful and actually feeling the new beginnings that have been heralded by several cards this week.

I am grateful for new energy and transformed thoughts.


  1. LOL @ "bursting into song". I can totally see it! And thanks for that cheesy video... their shirts totally fit this card, how synchronous is that?! I've never heard this song before. Never heard anything from them besides "I'm Too Sexy". :)

  2. Hi Kiki,

    I guess as they were Brits we heard more from them ;) I just googled it, and it got to No.1 here, but only no.9 in the US. And it turns out they're still recording and touring! I certainly haven't heard any of their new stuff... Glad you enjoyed the seriously silly vid :)

  3. Oh man! Just reading the title of this post had the song playing in my head ha ha! "Deeply dippy 'bout the curves you got, deeply hot, hot for the curves you got..." :D And I love your comparison to the Kiniggit of Cups - he reminds me of Hansel from "Zoolander"!