Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fairy Queen

On this Christmas morning, the Crystal Visions Tarot offers us a Fairy Queen, the Queen of Swords.

I love this version of the Queen of Swords!  Probably because I often associate myself with the Queen of Swords, being a double Gemini woman.  And some versions show her as a bitter, old harridan, which of course she can be: with a sharp wit and sharper tongue, and not being one to suffer fools gladly.  However, on the more positive side we see here her potential for transformation, for following ideas as they lead her towards brighter paths, and her willingness to leave behind pain and allow her spirit to soar on the breath of life.  Having experienced some of the pain of life, we can allow it to turn us sour or we can allow it to open our hearts to ourselves and others.  In this I see the shadow and the light side of the Queen of Swords.

Today we have a very mellow day planned.  Eating left-overs from yesterday, going for a walk on the local heath, playing with Big Boy's new toys.  I'm also hoping for some time to read and, if I'm lucky, write up a tarot reading for a querent.  I guess where I see the Queen of Swords energy is in the fact I may have to do some moderating between Big Boy and his dad, and perhaps in myself letting go of some of the pain of this year to be able to just enjoy where we are now...

Wishing those who celebrate today a wonderful, happy, festive time with loved ones!

I am grateful for all I have learned this year, and for the ability to empathise that suffering can bring.


  1. browsing blogs, thought i'd comment...
    my cards gave me a kinda similar christmas message. its a good one :]
    and lovely color palette on that deck, must say.
    enjoy the holiday.

  2. Congrats on all your wonderful accomplishments this year, m'dear. You have much to be proud of.

    A very pretty version of the Queen of Swords, I agree! I don't have a problem with the Queen of swords. I usually associate it with my air sign Aquarian sister.

    Sending much happy goodness to you and your family!

    Minty Xmas Hugs,

  3. Hi SB,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment :) I agree, the colours on this deck are stunning - strong and beautiful. Wishing you a lovely holiday, too!

    Hi MM,

    I think we should all take time to think about what we are proud of from this year, as well as thinking about resolutions of what we could do better for next year. It can be easy to forget or ignore the good we do, rather than celebrate it. So, thanks for the reminder.

    Glad you have a nice Queen of Swords association, too. It's funny how people sometimes get negative ideas in their heads, like all Geminis are untrustworthy (one I heard from a guy I liked many years ago - wasn't going to work out with that attitude!)

    Happy holidays, and Cinnamony Xmas Hugs to you ;)

  4. That is a really creepy association to give Gemini!

    Well, what I've noticed is that people tend to discriminate against certain signs, and it depends on the person. It's like everyone has a sign or signs that they are bigoted against. I think it's wrong, and I try to guard against such behavior. Every sign has its pros and cons! doesn't help that some (shoddy) astrological explanations talk about Geminis being 'two-faced' but that is just a badly written explanation. It would make more sense to say that there are different sides of the nature, different impulses. That really doesn't guarantee that those are bad. Besides, everyone has multiple sides.

    I can't really speak on this too much because I don't know what it's like being a Gemini (even though I do have a packed 3rd house (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and South Node in 3rd). But I don't think it makes for being untrustworthy.

    I will definitely try to spend some time thinking about the accomplishments this year, as there have been some.

    Some that come to mind:

    Pele became totally potty-trained (finally) with no more accidents or leaks. She knew how to for a long time but she seemed uncomfortable with pooping on the toilet for ages until this year.

    We fixed Pele's vitamin deficiency issues/treated her with B12 injections

    We lowered Pele's medications by more than half!

    Pele now sleeps in her own room for the whole night (except a waking once in a while)

    We decided to move and then began fixing things up in the house

    There are some challenging things too, and with all the medication and supplement adjustments there were some mood, sleep and other side effects that i was not at all fond of, but all in all the changes in Pele's cognition and sleep have been HUGE...I am really grateful. Hope it continues and she can have seizure control.

    Sorry for the super long comment.


  5. Hi MM,

    It's great that there have been so many positive achievements this year! Fingers crossed that things continue in this vein next year...

    Successful hugs,