Monday, 5 December 2011


I am charmed by the very different faces and feelings of the cards in this Journey Oracle.

Here, we are offered something fleeting.  Is that the woman's fleeting glance in our direction, or the brief blooming of the blossoms over her head?  Is it the passing attention of another, or the more enduring and cyclical changing of the seasons and cycles of life?

Either way, I guess this card calls on us to appreciate the moment, with all its joys and lessons.  I am reminded, too, of the sand paintings created by certain American Indian tribes.  These masterful artworks are designed to be enjoyed in the creation process, and seen briefly, but not to endure - that is part of their charm, that you must experience them in the moment.

It feels a bit weird today, my first Monday with no college knowing that there will be no "next term".  However, I plan to make the most of it to try to get my essay finished.  In this card I see a reminder that this essay is just a small blip in the course of my life, so not to stress about it too much and just do it!  Then I can take time for the other fleeting pleasures, like reading a novel or creating a video blog ;)

I am grateful for the reminder to enjoy whatever I am doing in the moment, without regrets.


  1. This card reminds me of what I was thinking about last night--about everything being fleeting, for better or worse. Sort of a bittersweet thing.

    I hope you have a lovely one.

    Monday Hugs,

  2. Chloe, A spot-on card for me today and I especially like the affirmation! What a lovely card. I should look at the deck.
    Bright Blessings,

  3. Quirky with the word fleeting and then the image of the blossoms above her but also the tattoo, yes, even tattoos are in a way fleeting, just as we are in the bigger picture.

  4. Hi there!

    Glad this card struck a chord with so many! Bittersweet is right, MM. And what an interesting thought, Jema, about the tattoo. Glad to do a bit of enabling, Maggie :)

    Happy Tuesday to everyone!