Sunday, 11 December 2011

Floating in Emotion

The Queen of Cups from Liz Hazel's Whispering Tarot floats into view today.

This watery queen wears a five pronged crown on her head, with a flower tucked behind her left ear and a dangling earring hanging from her right.  In her right hand she holds a golden cup, in the other a white orb, while behind her a full moon glows, shedding light across the ripples of the water surrounding our queen.  Two swans can be seen behind her, symbols of beauty, love and defence, while lotus pads, one with a frog, one with a bud and one with a blossom, float in front of her.  She looks completely in her element, her shoulders and head emerging from the water, with no land in sight.

What a positive version of the Queen of Cups!  I see here symbolism of magic and intuition, spiritual growth and enlightenment, beauty and passion, romance and strength.  She seems to suggest that swimming in the realm of emotions can be a powerful learning experience, rather than leading to emotionality or wishy-washiness.

I am delighted to have finished the final essay for my Masters - yay me!  Two days early, to boot.  Anyhow, what it means is that I can spend today on more Queen of Cups-like pursuits: time with Big Boy and my parents, who are coming for a visit; and time to work on a couple of bigger readings I've had in mind for a week or two... :D

I am grateful for the time to tap into my intuition, and enjoy emotional well-being. 


  1. ooooooOOoooOooOoO.

    I like this card, too! So pretty. Like the sort of dynamic but not too harsh waves. Great colors, too.

    You always find the most unusual decks that I've never heard of. I liked the card you pulled earlier--9 of Cups? That one was also pretty and spa-like.

    Hope you have a relaxing day,

  2. Oh, DUH.




  3. Hi MM,

    Thanks! So chuffed to have the essay out of the way - now I can focus on Christmas :)

    Yes, this is a lovely deck. It's by an English author, and a limited edition self-publication, hence why you may not have seen it before.

    Hope you've had a good weekend?

    Celebratory hugs,

  4. Oh congratulations Chloe, how exciting!!!

  5. Hi Chloë,

    Thankfully my weekend hasn't been bad at all--despite the hubby being on call and having to go in to work 5 hours each day. (Silly commute!!)

    My daughter's b-day celebration went without a hitch. The food and presents were gracefully received. Her official birthday is on Tuesday and I have a few cute and nice (affordable) presents from the thrift store for her then, too.

    Let's see...what else? Not sure. We tried to look at Christmas lights but there weren't as many up as I thought there would be. Still fun, I think.

    I took a couple breaks which is always healthy.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with family and get some relaxation and perhaps some naughty fun in, too.

    I am getting the feeling that I'm going to have to buy one or two decks come January!


  6. Hi VK,

    Thanks, I was delighted! So much less stressed now that's done and dusted :) Hope you had a good weekend, too!

    Hi again MM,

    Glad to hear the party went well, that you made time for some breaks for yourself despite hubby's work! Although we didn't go see Christmas lights, we did dig out our Christmas decorations. Big Boy absolutely loved a laughing Santa which last year made him cry ;D

    As for the lure of new decks, I can't help you there. I am a deck addict and see no redemption in my near future :)