Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Getting Your Feet Wet

Today, the Crystal Visions Tarot offers an interesting take on the King of Cups.

I like the fact that he is sat on a boulder by a pool, instead of on a throne.  Still, he has plenty of insignia of his rank - a trident wand, a trident crown, a golden cup, a huge red crystal over his sternum, gold armbands around his upper arms, and a gold necklace at his throat.  Behind him, a full moon shines between overhanging foliage, while in front of him is the pond.  One foot rests on a rock in the pool, the other foot resting in the water.  Lotus flowers bloom in the pool in front of him, and reeds sway behind him.

The symbolism feels quite different to traditional versions of this King.  For one thing, the water around him is calm and still.  For another, it is just a pool, rather than the churning ocean.  And then there's the fact that, rather than sitting on a plinth out of the water, he is actually getting one foot wet.  These things suggest to me that this King is willing to allow himself to experience his emotions while still keeping a sense of perspective.  He is in control, but not by holding himself rigidly.  Years of practising inner calm and mindfulness mean that he knows and is undaunted by his emotions, and is able to tune in to his intuition. 

Today we are interviewing someone for a job, and this feels like a good card for it.  I need to trust my intuition, be empathic, but also keep a sense of objectivity.  I'm sure those are good traits to cultivate more generally, too.  Perhaps today would be a good day for doing some tarot readings...

I am grateful for days when I don't feel overwhelmed by emotion.


  1. That's a lovely King of Cups. I like the balance in this version.

  2. Hi PLN,

    I can imagine him suiting you far better than some of the more rigid King of Cups'. Gentle and wise are words that spring to mind :)