Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Guardian

After yesterday's thoughts about the Goddess, I decided to draw from the Journey Oracle this week.  This 46-card deck, designed by Adrienne Trafford and published by Schiffer, offers images of women and situations, and is very feminine.

There are several cards in the deck which are horizontal, rather than vertical, and as I shuffled I hoped that one would come up some time this week.  No sooner wished for than materialised, as for this very first day I drew the Guardian.  Somewhat reminiscent of yesterday's card, this red-haired beauty wears green jewellry and has vines twined about her arms.  She cradles an egg with a crack in it, while in the background are castles in the sky, formed by the clouds.

This card speaks to me of divine protection, and perhaps also of offering this protection to others, nurturing them so that they can become who they are.

Today, what I need to nurture is my own creativity, as I work on my final essay again.  I'm really hoping I may get it finished ahead of the December 12th deadline.  Goddess willing...

I am grateful for spiritual nurturance, and the chance to bring my ideas into being.


  1. This deck has a pretty style. Must be a new release--I'll have to take a peek at it. Though I managed to stick to my no decks until next year, except for the Map Oracle thing, which I bought about a month ago, right after it came out (I think)?

  2. Hi MM,

    I've been very impressed that you stuck to your no deck rule! And fortunately you've won a giveaway, so you get a deck without the guilt ;)

    This is a very nice, somewhat girly deck. I've really been enjoying it, and the images are very evocative.