Sunday, 18 December 2011

Himalayan Wisdom

There are very few human's in the Cat's Eye Tarot, and all the Court cards are represented by different cats.  Today we meet the King of Swords. 

This Himalayan tom looks out at us with wise eyes.  He's big and fluffy, but that doesn't diminish his experience and intelligence.  Coming originally from the mountain range between India and China, home of the Dalai Lama, these cats have many strengths.  What I see here is an ability to survive hardship, a deep spiritual connection, an open mind, and ultimately a willingness to make tough decisions.  His eyes are blue, colour of communication.  The way he stands in the cat flap, neither out nor in, speaks of being able to see different perspectives.  It also suggests a willingness to defend a point of view, and that ultimately he can and will choose.  He has a certain gravitas, too, I think.

Perhaps I can use his power of discernment and decisiveness to help with my Christmas shopping.  I've got most of it done, all the no-brainers, which leaves the tough decisions: finding just the right thing for those hard-to-buy-for people.  I guess that doesn't fit very well with the idea of Himalayan wisdom, though - Christmas shopping certainly goes against the idea of non-attachment.  Yet taking time to express our love and keeping-in-mind of others are not bad things.

I am grateful for the internet, a great tool for researching gifts, on top of all its other benefits :)


  1. This will hopefully make you laugh (?) but this is my husband's card (King of Swords) and to me this cat looks like he's coming out of a toilet paper roll dispenser and it reminds me of my husband having diarrhea today--I hope it's better by tomorrow.

    On a less gross note, this is a really cute deck.


  2. Hi MM,

    Sorry to hear your hubby was suffering yesterday, and I hope he's better, too! That sense of being between in and out fits, also - not sure how far to move from the bathroom ;)

    I've been waiting for this deck for so long! Created by a vet, it really does see things from the cat's perspective. Other cat decks are cute, but still so human... Another one for your wish list when you return to buying decks? :D

  3. I keep changing my mind about this deck. I followed it as she created it but now can't decide, so I shall read your week with interest.

    I was so disappointed in the Pagan Cats that it has put me off I think.

  4. Hi Woley,

    Well, being a tarot addict and a cat fan, for me there was no question. That being said, I like this deck better than the Pagan Cats. I think the Pagan Cats is a nice deck, but for me this one is the first "true" cat deck, rather than a deck with cats doing human stuff. Hope the images this week will help you decide one way or the other :) Though I think all the images are available on her website...