Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I have to say, the Emperor is not normally a card I'm very keen on.  All that structure and sense of knowing what he wants and how to get it.  I often see Emperor energy as a bit domineering, though I acknowledge the positives to order and building something lasting.  The Cat's Eye Tarot has a rather cute take on this archetype, yet I still see the same fundamental energy here.

A regal-looking fluffy black-and-white cat sits on a chair by the hearth.  He turns to look down at a ginger kitten trying to scale the chair.  It's funny, at different times I get disparate feelings from this card.  Sometimes, it seems the Emperor is looking down at this young upstart, saying, "Don't you know your place?"  As though the Emperor has a very clear idea of what he considers right and wrong, and who should do what and when, and this little kitten hasn't gotten the memo!  Other times, I see him as a more benevolent Emperor - this little kitten is learning the ropes, and that's something the Emperor is happy to help teach.  "A cat's place is on a comfy chair by the fire." I hear him saying to Ginger.

Today, my in-laws are coming to celebrate Christmas with us.  I see two things with this card, therefore.  Firstly, there is my Dear One getting everything ready for his parents, making sure it is all just so.  Secondly, there is Big Boy, who will get thoroughly spoiled and have his every whim catered to.  I have been getting the Emperor for him since before he was born, and as a little Cappie he does have clear ideas about what he wants, and plenty of methods of showing his displeasure when it doesn't happen.  So, perhaps it's also about the energy I need to bring to put some boundaries on him...

I am grateful for routines and habits which make life with Big Boy easier to manage.


  1. Seasons best to you and yours! Sharyn

  2. What a cute Emperor. I admit the same--the Emperor doesn't seem to be a favorite of most people, me included.

    I hope you have a great time with the in-laws, spoiling and all!

    We'll be getting together family-wise Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday, too, but so far everyone seems a bit on the distracted or grumpy side. I hope that changes!


  3. Hi Sharyn,

    Thanks, season's greetings to you, too! I decided not to tell my religious MIL that we were celebrating the Winter solstice :)

    Hi MM,

    I wonder, someone must like the Emperor... I can see that structure and order have their place, but they're just not all that appealing to me ;)

    We had an ok time with the in-laws - I really like my MIL, it's the FIL who is a bit of a bore. Still, it's only one day, right?

    Hope everyone on your end cheers up a bit by the weekend, and that you all have a lovely time together!