Thursday, 29 December 2011

Life is Changed

The Crystal Visions Tarot continues to show a gentle face, today, despite this being a "challenging" card.

In this version of Death the inscription reads "Vita mutatur non tollitur" which translates as "Life is changed, not taken away".  This message of transformation is emphasised by the butterflies gliding up on beams of light, and the very angelic Death figure holding an ankh, symbol of eternal life.  A woman's form seems to blend into the rock on which she lies, making us question whether she is a corpse or a stone effigy.  In either case, she seems to be becoming a part of her surroundings.

Nevertheless, even a change may lead us to grieve.  Knowing that we will never be the same again, or experience the same things or see a particular person, are still reasons to mourn even if the change has positive elements, too.  The angel reminds of this, with downcast head covered and hand held out in blessing.  The angel says goodbye and acknowledges the sadness of this transition.

For me, this card is a reminder that today my Dear One and I have to go and sign some papers regarding my father's estate.  Although he died nearly two years ago, these bureaucratic reminders still pop up from time to time.  Wherever he is now, even if he is just food for worms, is better than where he was the last few years of his life.  His soul gave up on living long before his body caught on.

I am grateful for the reminder to life life to the full while I can.


  1. This is another nice card from this deck; so different to a lot of the Death cards you see about. I like the purple colouring in this deck. I am not sure the pinker pallette would suit me so well, but I definitely like this one!

  2. Hi PLN,

    Yes, I really like the purple that is on a lot of the cards. I don't see it being very pink, as the colours tend to be quite strong - purple, red, orange, fuchsia... And I agree, it's a rather lovely Death card, not very scary, though still poignant.