Saturday, 10 December 2011


This week I will be drawing from a little self-published gem, by Liz Hazel of Tarot Decoded fame.  The Whispering Tarot is a delightful deck, with mystical creatures and magic galore, yet without falling into excess or triteness.

For this first draw I pulled the Nine of Cups.  Two mermaids sit together, back to back, while another stands behind them.  They each hold aloft a cup, and six more cups surround them, overflowing with water.  Five little fish jump playfully from one cup to another.  The mermaids look entirely happy and in their element, enjoying each others' company and the play of the sea creatures around them.  Emotional fulfillment and joy!

Well, I certainly hope this proves the case for me today.  The first draft of my essay is complete, but now I need to go over it, editing it and making sure it hangs together.  Just like the cups in this image, there are a number of elements, but they all need to connect up in an emotionally satisfying way, rather then feeling like a bunch of disparate bits.  In between times, I hope to have some fun with Big Boy, and spend a nice evening with my Dear One and my brother.  Not a bad plan for the day :)

I am grateful for moments of emotional fulfillment.

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