Friday, 16 December 2011

Path of Learning

For this final draw with the Whispering Tarot, I received the Hermit.

Once again, this deck offers a slight twist on the traditional RWS interpretation of this archetype.  Here, we see a young person standing on a path that passes into a tunnel leading up a mountain. He wears a red tunic, colour of passion, and a green hood, colour of growth.  Inside the passage is a lamp, already lit, waiting to be picked up.  And above, on a high ledge, we see an older Hermit dressed in the purple of wisdom, who has already reached the summit on this path to learning.

I like this reminder that we all have to start somewhere when we want to learn something new, or go deeper in our studies.  The fact that we don't know much should never stop us from making a start.  It also suggests that the path is not always easy, it may be dark and steep - we may feel confused and that it is hard work.  Yet the outcome is a new perspective on life, a better understanding of ourselves and the world.

Today, for me, I see this card being more about the retreating aspect of the Hermit.  I plan to spend the day at home, wrapping Christmas presents, shopping on-line, and hopefully making time to read a novel - my third this year!  I used to read two a week, but Big Boy and my studies put paid to that.  So, a treat - some time to read and feel decadent.  My choice today: Karen Chance's Death's Mistress :)

I am grateful for a bit of peace and quiet, and a chance to read without needing it to be about deep learning.  That's part of the path, too!


  1. Thanks for this, Chloe. I'm coming up to a Hermit year in 2012 so I cherish your insights here. Enjoy your novel!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    It feels very decadent, and great, to be reading a novel and taking time for myself! However, still doing a few bits on the learning side of this archetype - I enjoyed your post on Love cards ;)